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Jimmy John Liautaud

James "Jimmy" John Liautaud (born 12 January 1964) is the founder, chairman, and majority owner of Jimmy John's sandwich chain.


  • I was at this fancy school and I felt out of place, so I rebelled. But Jim Lyons put his arm around me. He cared about me.
    • Interview with New York Times [1]
  • I graduated second to last in my class. I was a fat kid. I was bullied by others.
  • If you serve the business, it will serve you. Serve the business, serve the team.
    • Interview with Franchise Times [2]
  • It wasn’t a great location. I started to deliver, not because it was part of a business plan, but to get sales—to make up for my C location.
    • Interview with Success Magazine [3]
  • I changed the rules for allowing people to buy into my system as a franchisee. I explained in detail how tough running a Jimmy John's can be. I explained the long hours, the unforgiving weather, the late nights, the weekends, and all of the sacrifices that go along with the industry.
  • I've been around for 32 years and nobody knows who we are.
    • Interview with Chicago Tribune [4]
  • I want to build this business as long as the customers will keep eating my sandwiches.
    • Interview with The News-Gazette [5]

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