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Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius is a 2001 animated film by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies about Jimmy Neutron, a boy genius who, along with his friends, fly into space to retrieve their parents from a hostile alien planet. It served as the basis for The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

Jimmy Neutron[edit]

  • Gotta blast!

King Goobot[edit]

  • Bring out the humans!
  • What... What is this? [sees Jimmy and the other children enter the arena] STOP THOSE KIDS!!!
  • Ooblar, stop it! It's toast.


[Judy puts a plate in front of Hugh]
Judy: Sorry about the toast, dear. I had to make it in the oven because I cannot find our toaster anywhere.
Hugh: Oh, looky. Well, this oven toast is brilliant, sugar booger. And the yolks are absolutely perfect, too. Run away with me, my love. [gasps when he reads the box]
Judy: Okay. But we have to take my car because you transmitter needs a new compression cup.
Hugh: Whatever. [peeks inside box to take out a prize toy duck Oh, this is a good one. Quack quack quack. [chuckles]
Judy: Will you try calling Jimmy? He is going to miss the bus again.
Hugh: Jimmy! BREAKFAST! Time to come down! [sing-song with his toy duck] Down down down down down quack. Down down down down down quack quack.

Cindy: After class, I'll be happy to demonstrate how boy dinosaurs got their BUTTS KICKED by girl dinosaurs on a regular basis!

[Sheen is up for show and tell at school]
Sheen: This is ULTRA LORD!
[the class groans]
Ms. Fowl: Sheen. This is the seventh week in a row you've shown Ultra Lord in class!
Sheen: Ms. Fowl, this one is different! This "Purple Vengeance" edition with power fists and nuclear knees is in rare, never-before-seen condition; making it HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE!
Cindy: "Never-before-seen," huh? Well, then, how do you know it's even in there?
Sheen: Hmmmm...
[Sheen takes Ultra Lord out of the box and mockingly waves it in front of Cindy]
Sheen: Nyah-nyah.
[Cindy shakes her head and gives Sheen a smirk. Sheen suddenly frowns, realizing what he has done]
Sheen: NOOO!!!!
[the class starts laughing]

Carl: [whispering] Hey, Jimmy, wanna see a frog?
[shows him a crude drawing of a smiling frog]
Jimmy: Oh, that looks great, Carl.
Carl: Thanks. [notices Jimmy's more precise drawings] Um, what are you drawing?
Jimmy: Flycycle modifications for Goddard. Second prototype.
Carl: "Prototype", huh?
Jimmy: Uh-huh.
Carl: Well, you know, that looks good, too.
Jimmy: Thanks, Carl.

Carl: [takes out inhaler] This is my inhaler. It provides fast-acting relief of bronchial swelling due to asthma or allergies. One touch of the button and-- [accidentally sprays into his eyes] AAAAAAHHHHH!!! OH! I CAN'T SEE!!!!

[Sheen notices a poster for Retroland theme park]
Sheen: Hey! Hey! Retroland theme park! Check it out! [Takes poster off pole] "Meet Ultra Lord! Live!!!"
Jimmy: Oh look! [takes poster from Sheen] It's the state of the arts bone-warping gravity rides! [Sheen takes back poster]
Sheen: I could hang out with Ultra Lord!
Carl: [takes poster] And there's a petting zoo!
Jimmy: [takes poster] But look at this!
Sheen: [Takes poster] No! "Meet Ultra Lord live!!!"
Carl: [takes poster] Llamas and capybaras!
Sheen: Who cares!? "Meet Ultra Lord live!!!"
Carl: [dances in excitement] Yeah! But I'm going to touch a llama!

Judy: (calls from downstairs) Jimmy!
(Jimmy comes out of the fireplace.)
Jimmy: Hi, Mom.
Judy: Oh! Oh, Jimmy, you scared the bajeebers out of me.
Jimmy: Oh, sorry about your bajeebers, Mom. And might I add how lovely you look today?
Judy: Jimmy, I'm covered in transmission fluid.
Jimmy: Exactly! And might I say filth never looked so good.
Judy: Yes. Well, how was show and tell today?
Jimmy: Was okay. But first, (pulls out bouquet of flowers) happy birthday, Mom!
Judy: (takes bouquet) Jimmy, these are beautiful! But sweetie, it's... not my birthday.
Jimmy: Oh, it's not? Well, (pulls out a pearl necklace and earrings) then whatever will I do with these lovely pearls and priceless earrings?
Judy: (takes necklace and earrings) These can't be real.
Jimmy: Oh, but they can, and they are! (snaps fingers and Goddard grows a speaker, disco ball, and spotlights with 40s style music playing) And all these fabulous gifts and prizes could be yours if you know the correct answer to this question: Please may I go to Retroland tonight?
Judy: (gives Jimmy bouquet) No. It's a school night.
Jimmy: Thank you so much mother! And might I say...(music slows, stops) Did you just say no?
Judy: Yes.
Jimmy: Yes!
Judy: No.
Jimmy: No?
Judy: Yes.
Jimmy: YES!
Judy: Jimmy?
Jimmy: But all my friends are going and anybody who matters is gonna be there, Mom!

Jimmy: What good is it to be a genius if you can't even go out on a school night? Goddard, options.
Goddard: (viewing options after Jimmy gets grounded) Apologize, your parents love you.
Jimmy: (After some silence) Next.
Goddard: (viewing next option) Create a time capsule, escape to the future.
Jimmy: That'll take too long. Next.
Goddard: (viewing next option) Build Goddard a female poodle.
Jimmy: (annoyed) Goddard, this is serious!
Goddard: (viewing next option) Sneak out.

King Goobot: Tell me. When did it come unacceptable to approach my royal throne UNANNOUNCED?!?
Yokian Guard: Oh yes. Of course, my King.
King Goobot: SPACE HIM!!!
Yokian Guard: But, hey...
(Yokian Guard gets spaced out)
Ooblar: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT!!! Ohhhh! (slams face-first into the window) Oh, I missed it... Can I-can I space another?
King Goobot: No.
Ooblar: Oh, please, brother?
King Goobot: I said "No", Ooblar.
Ooblar: (sing-song) Oh please, Oh please, Oh please, Oh please, Oh please, Oh please...
King Goobot: I would love for that to stop.
Ooblar: (continuing) Oh please, Oh please, Oh pleeeeaaassse. (spots the toaster) Oh, what have we here? (clears throat) As the king's royal assistant, I am the offical checker of the new things to be checked.
King Goobot: Ohh.
Ooblar: (plays with the toaster until the toast pops out) It's all right, it's all right! I'll handle this. (starts to interact with the toast) HELLO!
King Goobot: Ooblar.
King Goobot: Ooblar, stop it. It's toast.
Ooblar: Oh. (takes the toast) HELLO, TOAST! I GREATLY ADMIRE YOUR SHIP!

Sheen: I'm peeing, in the shower!
Sheen: I'm still doin' it! Go, go, go!

"My Clothes Don't Match" Kid: (singing) My clothes don't match, my clothes don't match! I'm out in public and my clothes don't match!

(Sheen emerges from a large pile of popcorn)
Sheen: What a battle. Are there any survivors? (falls back in the popcorn; his hand rises out; desprate) Help me.

(Jimmy sees a TV that says "KIDS SPECIAL REPORT.")
Oleander: (Arnie laughs and throws a piece of paper over Oleander's head) We interrupt this program to bring you this special report. (Arnie puts his hand on the camera and messes around with it) Hey, knock it off, Arnie! (clears throat) "Trouble in Paradise." (Arnie holds up two fingers behind Oleander's head) That's what some kids are saying in the aftermath of yesterday's "Mom and Dad are gone" celebrations. (the cameraman moves the camera away from Oleander; Oleander pops out) Here's Courtney Tyler. (chuckles)
Courtney Tyler: What started as an awesome day has become, like, a real bummer.
Kid #1: (runs past) Help us!
Kid #2: (runs past) I don't know how to make lunch!
Kid #3: (offscreen) I want my parents!
(Kid #1 runs up to the camera.)
Kid #1: Somebody hold me!
(Courtney Tyler is interviewing Nissa, who is holding her hurt knee.)
Nissa: I-I was playing on the teeter-totter, and the next thing I knew, I was on the ground and my knee hurt!
Courtney Tyler: (clears throat) Reports of tummy aches, owies and constipation have reached epidemic numbers over the past few hours, with little indication of slowing down.
(Courtney Tyler is interviewing another kid.)
Zachary: And-- (sniffs) And so we were going to see who could eat the most cotton candy... (camera zooms out, revealing he's bloated) And I won! (cries) I want my mommy! (burps as his shirt rips)
Courtney Tyler: So, there you have it... I want my mommy too! (starts crying loudly)

Judy Neutron: James Isaac Neutro---<BURP!!!>


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