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Jimmy Two-Shoes is about a 14-year-old boy who lives in the miserable town of Miseryville. With his friends, Beezy and Heloise, Jimmy tries to make Miseryville a happy place, much to tyrant ruler Lucius Henious VII's dismay.

Season 1[edit]

I Totally Shredded My Cheese[edit]

Sammy: I should be on TV. I have a nice smile. [Smiles hideously into mirror]

Baseball Game Announcer: And now, Jimmy Two-Shoes will sing the Miseryville anthem.

Jimmy: Misery and grief, pain with no relief...

Crowd: [Boos and throws things at Jimmy]

Man: Just say the line!

Jimmy: [Sadly] I totally shredded my cheese.

Crowd: [Cheers]

Jimmy: [Happier] I totally shredded my cheese.

Crowd: [Cheers louder]

Jimmy: [Happier] I totally shredded my cheese!! [Is covered in roses]

Heloise's Wish List[edit]

Jimmy: [To Beezy] Okay, so would you rather... Go whale watching, or jump out of a plane?

Beezy: Sleep.

Jimmy: What do you think Heloise would want to do?

Beezy: Throw a whale out of a plane?

Lucius: [To Sammy] Get someone to fix the remote!

Sammy: Only Heloise knows how.

Lucius: Never! I won't ask her for help! Lucius Henious the Seventh doesn't know the meaning of the word help!

Sammy: [Pulls out dictionary] Help. Verb. To provide assistance.


Jimmy: So, what's the plan, we soar through the sky like an eagle?

Heloise: Either that or we crash into the pavement like a wounded bird! [Makes exploding noises]

Jimmy: [Looking at the frozen Lucius Heinous the Sixth] This must be Beezy's granddad! Hey, I bet he could get Beezy and Lucy to stop fighting!

[Imagines Lucius Heinous the Sixth stopping Beezy and Lucius from bickering]

Lucius the Sixth: Beezy! Lucius! I want you two to get along!

[Lucius and Beezy smile and hug each other. Then, one by one, everyone turns into ice cream]

Lucius the Sixth: Thak you, Jimmy, for bringing us together!

[Vision ends]

Jimmy: You're welcome, imagination!

Lucius: [Angerly to Jimmy] This is your fault! Just look at what you've done!

[Lucius gestures to all the Heniouses standing around arguing]

Jimmy: [Eyes sparkling happily] Yeah! I've brought you all together! [Hugs Lucius]

Beezy: [To Jimmy] You have to put things back to the way they were. I don't know how much more I can take!

Jimmy: Don't worry, buddy. I've got a cunning two-step plan to fix everything!

Beezy: What's step one?

Jimmy: Come up with a plan!

Beezy: Sweet! What's step two?

Jimmy: Haven't gotten that far yet.

Chez Beezy[edit]

Beezy: [Panicing] Heloise! [Sees Heloise welding a claw onto a merman] Heloise, why are you welding in the dark?

Heloise: I'm on my brake.

Beezy: But you can't go on brake! Not now!

Heloise: Watch me.

Beezy: [To himself] Okay, you can do this Beezy. I believe in you.

Beezy: [Looks at reflection in a frying pan and panics] I can't I'm scared! I don't know what to do!

Heloise: [Slaps him with a dead fish]

Beezy: [Calmly] Thank you, Heloise. I needed that.

Heloise: I wasn't trying to help you. I just wanted to slap you with a fish.


Spew Tube[edit]

Beezy: [Breaks Heloise's house wall] This is all your fault, Heloise!

Jimmy: [Enters the house through the door] [Smash Beezy] You posted Spew Tube? You said you wouldn't!

Heloise: [Sadly] I feel kind of bad now [Makes cute sadly face]

Jimmy: Oh! You don't expect me to believe that!

Heloise: [Makes extremely sadly cute face]

Jimmy: [Crosses arms and look angerly to her] Beezy: [Look weirdly at her]

Heloise: [Gives up] It was worth a try.

Beezy: [To Heloise] My dad is super angry.

Heloise: [tough] Relax, panic puss. He's your father, what is he gonna do? [Relaxed]

[Comes from roof two secret agents and kidnaps the whole group]

Citizens: [Lauging] Belly-flop Lucius! Belly-flop Lucius!

Lucius: [Furious] I never want to hear THOSE WORDS AGAIN!

Beezy: [To Lucius] You mean "Belly-flop" Lucius? [Lucius looks madly at him]

Beezy: Dad, I think you're overreacting. [Jimmy, Heloise and Beezy hanged up from a platform above of a cold pool]

Lucius: DO IT! [Sammy pulls down lever] [He falls in the pool]

Jimmy: Lucy, wait! I know how we can get your rep. back!

Lucius: [Thinking] Go on.

Jimmy: We make a new movie [Heloise looks surprised at him] and post it on SpewTube! We can make you look tough [she angers at him]

Lucius: I am tough! MONSTERS FEAR ME!

Citizen: Belly-Flop Lucius, Belly-Flo--! [Sammy pulls down the lever, again]

Lucius: This better be good.

Beezy: [inside the pool drinking a cocojuice] I was just gettin' confortable.

Sammy: [Reading script] Lucius Heinous the Seventh is nothing but... A complete chicken!

Lucius: Did he just call me a chicken?

Jimmy: [Grins and gives a thumbs up]

Sammy: [Grins and continues] A coward. An bambelling-off. A clumsy imitator of a dictator with illusions of adequacy!

Lucius: [Angrier] You know I can hear you.

Sammy: Unless! This dumb-eling doof is a greastlest cockey goof! [This part was already impossible to listen]

Lucius: Whoa! I will not be humilliated by this little creature!

Sammy: You are ruining my moment! And I am not little; I'm taller than you!

Lucius: [Deadly look] Are you calling me... [Roars and smashes desk] TINY?!

Lucius: [Chases Sammy]

[Sammy screams]

Monster Mutt[edit]

Heloise: [To Jimmy] This was supposed to just be the two of us.

Beezy: [Appears from nowhere eating Heloise's food] That's okay. I'm feeling kinda bumbed now and I could really use the company.

Heloise: [Sweetly] Well, if you want company, [angerly] feel free to hang out with THEM! [Points at her backyard graveyard]

Beezy: So anyways [Beezy turns his face right and Heloise falls into the ground], for no reason at all, dad got out freaking on me.

Lucius: [All running away from Misery Inc., he being smashed by an iron crusher] [Beezy barely sleeping] BEEZY! [smashed] Beezy! [smashed] Beez-- [smashed] Bee--! [smashed] [appears a snake which is about to eat him entirely.]

Beezy: He says I don't notice stuff.

Heloise: Yeah! [angrily] THIS IS A PRIVATE PICNIC! [furious, with a megaphone which desface Beezy's face]

Jimmy: [Surprised] Heloise, [holds Beezy] Beezy needs his friends right now!

Heloise: [sighs] Does he have any? [crosses her arms]

Jimmy: [Upside down] We're his friends! [Pointing Beezy] You hungry, budy?

Beezy: [Sighs] I'm too upset to eat. [Looks at picnic] Are those teatletoads? [eats the whole dish, even with the plate]

Heloise: [angrily takes a remote control and smiles] [Beezy shout out the backyard] [Normally happy] So, back to us. Who's hungry?

Jimmy: But he needs our help!

Heloise: I help get'im home [sarcastically] [Jimmy surprises ironicly] Back to the picnic! Hope you're hungry! [takes off the top of her grill and there's such a tremendous dinosaur-size fried chicken] [Chicken coughs, five times]

Jimmy: Ooooh! Yum, yum...

Heloise: [With an American accent] [Comes fast and smily to Jimmy with a dish] What do you like better? The light or the dark green meat? [Both of them gets atonished by a sound]

[Beezy and Cerbee ate all of the tremendous chicken] [Both burp] [Beezy farts] [He and Cerbee slap hands]

[Heloise's atonished] Jimmy: [laughs fearfully]

[Cerbee jumps and pulls off Heloise's dish with his large tongue]

[Jimmy and Heloise looks surprised at Heloise's hand] [Heloise looks Jimmy devastated] Jimmy: Hehe! [Very ironically]

Heloise: [Her left eye bumps like a worm] [Looks so, so furious at them while she sighs too loud]

Jimmy: [with Beezy and Cerbee with him, very scary and going away] [Jimmy smiles freshly]: Thanks for the croud! It was uhm... fun?

[Heloise stays all day and night in the same place where she got angry] [Gets an idea, bulb above his head and stops sighing] [Bulb gets on fire, Heloise smiles like a demon]

Jimmy: [At his house] Oh man! Did you see her face?

Beezy: Yeah! She was all like: Gneeaah! [sticks his tongue and spits at Jimmy]

Jimmy: [Looking weird and desperate at him] Haha, you're exagerating. [Camara focus on Heloise with a small blowgun near them] She wasn't that angry. [Heloise blows up]

Beezy: [Jimmy got shot by a bee and gets asleep with a very rare face while falling to the ground] Yeah! [laughs] That's totally her! [keeps laughing] [He was shot in his tongue, which swells up and falls] [Bowl of crisps brokes when falling with Beezy].

Cerbee appears jumping on the sofa. Got shot by one bee. Nothing happens, then he was shot by 11 bees at the same time and stops. Comes +1 bee and shot him, and falls.

[Enter Heloise to Jimmy's house] [Lightbum the whole place] [Heloise laughs like a mad scientist].

[In Jimmy's frontyard] Jimmy: Oh my gosh! I gotta do something! [so atonished]

Heloise: How about that picnic? [happy face]

Jimmy: [with a courage face] I'm gonna need some help [Runs into his house].

Heloise: [Yells to the sky] Hello? What am I? Some ugly lavaworm?!.

Lavaworm in car: [appears from nowhere] You're not so hot yourself, toots. [presses the klaxon] [Heloise get frustrated]

Jimmy: They are working him like a dog!

Beezy: I'm getting tired just watching. [bored]

Heloise: Just for you know, there's still time for the picnic! [adorable face] I made potato salad! [shows bowl with teatletoads] It was lavaworms in it!

Jimmy: [Looks at her toughly] Not until Beezy and Cerbee are back to normal.

Heloise: [angry] They're. Never. Going to be normal.

Beezy-in-Cerbbe-body: Cool! I can chew on my own foot! Ha, ha!

Heloise: [Shows him that] [Jimmy smiles embarassed]

A Cold Day In Miseryville[edit]

Heloise: Behold! My latest invention, the Snow Burrador 901!

Jimmy and Beezy: Wooooooooow!

Jimmy: Why 901?

Heloise: The first 900 didn't work out.

Jimmy: But this one works, right?

Heloise: Nope. But, that's what makes it fun!

Beezy: Eeeeww! Is that dandruff?

Heloise: Yeah, I build a giant machine that makes dandruff... It's snow, icebrain!!

Jimmy: [To angry mob] Look, Heloise invented this machine, why don't you ask her to turn it off?

Green Citizen: Eh, because, uhm... She's uh.. Kind of, uh, s-scary.

Red Citizen: Have you seen her smile!?

Mount Misery[edit]

Lucius: We few, we miserable few, we seek not to fight. But if they beg for battle, then better battlers we be! And we be "bictorious"!

Heloise: Bictorious?

Sammy: He wrote it himself.

Heat Blanket Jimmy[edit]

Lucius: It's all about the evil. You think it, you are it!

Lucius: It makes my insides so chilly!

Jimmy: I've got an idea to beat the heat! Did someone say BEACH PARTY!?

Beezy: No.

Heloise: I didn't hear anything.

Jimmy: Okay, then I will. BEACH PARTY!

[Jimmy jumps into the air and freezes]

Heloise: How's he do that?

[Beezy pokes Jimmy and he floats away like a balloon]

Lucius: Okay, from now on no more Mr. Nice Guy! Where's my jetpack?

Sammy: You're wearing it.

Lucius: Exactly! And away I go!

[Lucius flies into the roof]

Lucius: The roof. Open the roof.

[Sammy presses the button and opens the roof. Lucius flies into the second roof.

Lucius: [Hurt] Open the second roof!

[Sammy opens the second roof and Lucius flies into the third]

Lucius: [Injured] Open them all...

Sammy: [To Beezy] Your father's been swallowed by a fish!

Beezy: My father doesn't eat fish...

Sammy: Swallowed by a fish. [Sammy draws a fish on the sand stuck on Beezy] Inside a fish! This is a fish, he's inside it!

Beezy: No, you are!

Beezy: Jimmy! You gotta help me save my dad! He's eating fish!

Sammy: Eaten by a fish! What is so complicated?...

Heloise: [To Jimmy] You can surf?

[A surfboard randomly comes out of Jimmy's mouth]

Jimmy: Sure! How hard can it be?

[Beezy lays on a surfboard in the sand, trying to make it move]

Beezy: Really hard!

Old Woman: [About ice cream] Tastes like... old feet.

Heloise: Shh! That's the secret ingredient.

[Everyone runs away screaming]

Jimmy: You did that on purpose.

Heloise: I don't like a crowded beach. Wanna dance?

Jimmy: [Nods, jumps, and freezes in the air]

Heloise: How does he do that?


Dr. Scientist: [Showing Beezy a video of people talking on their cell phones] Look at them. They're disgusting! Do you want to be like them?

Beezy: [Crying a little] Yes...

Dr. Scientist: [Slaps Beezy] No! I will ask you again, do you want to be like them?

Beezy: I feel a cramping in my hand. I kiss it!

Lucius: Someone! Call for help!

[Everyone looks at the pile of cell phones Lucius burned]

Heloise: Now that is ironic.

Power Squid and Spaghetti Beezy[edit]

Heloise: [To Jimmy and Beezy] I think I have something you might want to see.

{The trio goes to Heloise's lab]

Heloise: [Pulls out a box and opens it. Awe Guy comes out. Heloise slams box shut] Wrong box.

Heloise: [Pulls out a different box and opens it. Box shines with glory]

Jimmy: Oooo, glowy!

Beezy: You can't fight clowns with just glow!

Heloise: [Rolls eyes and pulls out squid invention]

Jimmy: [To clowns] You don't wanna mess with me. For I am...

[Jimmy sees Beezy letting the clowns throw pies at him]

Jimmy: Beezy!

Beezy: I thought I was Beezy.

The Big Date[edit]

Jimmy: [To Jez] Do you like movies?

Jez: No.

Beezy: [Whispering to Jimmy] I'll handle this. [To Jez] Do you like movies?

Jez: [Looks at him]

Beezy: [Whispers to Jimmy] Ask her if she likes movies.

Jez: Here's what my laugh would sound like if I found anything you did funny! [Laughs sarcasticly]

[Heloise overhears from another table]

Heloise: [Angerly] No one laughs at Jimmy but me!

Carnival Lucius[edit]

Heloise: [Showing Lucius a model of a carnival] I call it... A carnival! It cheats people, drives them crazy, and still they come back for more!

Sammy: [Coyly] Oohhh, where'd you get that idea?

Heloise: [Grits teeth] It's called...

[Switches scene to Jimmy in his backyard]

Jimmy: [Happily] A carnival! It's got rides that spin you around and around -

[Switches back to Heloise]

Heloise: - And go so fast they make you feel sick! And just when you think it's over -

[Switches to Jimmy]

Jimmy: [Happily] They speed up again! Oh, and the food!

[Switches to Heloise]

Heloise: Fatty, chunky, dripping with grease -

[Switches to Jimmy]

Jimmy: [Happily] And lots and lots of sugar. Oh, and so many people!

Heloise: Long line-ups, and constant shoving!

Baby Boom[edit]

Jimmy: [To Tori] Tori, you don't have to be jealous of your little sister. 'Cause, ya know, you're special, in a very special way.

Tori: What are you talking about?

Jimmy: Yeah, I don't know. I saw that on TV once. Did it help any?

Tori: Not really. Points for trying. I kind of feel bad about ratting you out to my dad now.

Jimmy and Beezy: Say what?! [Mouths open really wide as they say this and Awe Guy pops up and sings an angelic choir]

Way Below Par[edit]

Heloise: Here. Use this ball for good luck.

Jimmy: Um, but my ball's fine!

[Heloise takes golf ball from Jimmy and crushes it with her teeth, then hands Jimmy her's]

Jimmy: Uh, yeah, sure. Your ball's great...

Jimmy Matchmaker[edit]

Jimmy: Well that's it. No more match-making for me. [Glues a piece of statue back on]

Heloise: Maybe not for Beezy, but what about you and me?

Jimmy: [Doesn't look away from statue] What about you and me what?

Heloise: [Whistles, points at Jimmy then at herself]

Jimmy: [Scoffs] What's that?

Heloise: [Repeats action angerly]

Jimmy: [Looks down at Heloise] Why are you whistling?

Heloise: [Growls and punches the statue]

Fused Together[edit]

Jimmy: We need a plan.

Beezy: No, you are!

Heloise: Those boys wanna be together?! Fine! I'LL MAKE THEM INSEPERABLE!! BUAHAHAHAH!

Heloise: [In disguse] Step right up and prepare to be amazed! Just come on in and have a seat.

[Pulls back curtain and shows a chair with a bear trap around it]

Jimmy: [Uncertainly] I don't know, looks like a trap to me.

Heloise: It's not a trap!

Jimmy: It looks like one.

Beezy: Looks like one to me too.

Beezy: Dressing the same is so cool!

Two-headed Monster: [Both] You said it was one of a kind!

Beezy: Jealous! It looks better on us.

Beezy: Mind scrubbing my back?

Jimmy: I am your back!

Beezy: Sorry to disappoint you Heloise! We're having F-U-N. Tell her, Jimmy.

Jimmy: [Injured] I like corn...

Jimmy: Watch out for boobytraps. We know she's gonna bait you with food. So don't fall for it!

Beezy: As if I'd ever-- Oooo! A hotdog!

Beezy: You're the one who fused us together!

Heloise: Because that was funny.

Beezy: Well, this is funny too!

[Beezy drinks the milkshake and splashes it out on Heloise through his nose. Heloise becomes very angry]

Beezy: Iheheh... Maybe not as funny as I thought.

Heloise: [Furious] You're going down, BOTH OF YOU!

Jimmy: What did I do?

Best Bud Battles[edit]

Jimmy: I don't want to get in the way.

Beezy: You wont, stay at my place!

Heloise: My place!

Both: I'm his best friend! I am! Stop saying what I'm saying! I'm not, you are!

Jimmy: Stop! You're both my best friends!

Beezy: Booooring! Let's go to my place, best friend!

Jimmy: Do you two always have to fight?

Beezy: Do birds have ears?

That's a good qustion, do birds have ears?

[Jimmy and Beezy thinks untill a bird enters.]

Bird: C'mon people! Of course we have ears! And feelings too...

Beezy: Let's go! I got the new vid. game "Smash Ninja Rocket Pack"!


Beezy: And a pony.

Jimmy: Ahihihihi! A po-ney?!

[Runs off, Heloise enters carrying plate with a lot of food]

Heloise: Just whipped this up from scratch. Jimmy? JIMMY!?!

[Lucius rings Heloise's door bell.]

Heloise: [Looking through peek hole] Hah! I can't believe Beezy J. Heinous is trying to trick me. Good luck!

[Heloise opens the door]

Heloise: Why hello, Luuuuucius! That's who you are right, Luuuucius? Not Beezy in disguise?

Lucius: No, it's me, Lucius. Heloise, I came because I want to go over the Misery Index with you.

Heloise: You look tired, why don't you sit down while we do that, Luuuucius [Pulls out chair with rocket attached]

Lucius: Well... I am a little tired. [Sits in chair]

[Heloise grabs a control and presses the button]

Lucius: Aren't you being unusually-- AAAAARRRRGH!

[Lucius is launched up in the skies]

Heloise: Bye bye, Beezy!!

[Beezy enters in a chicken costume]

Heloise: Oh, that wasn't you disguised as Lucius?

Beezy: No, but that's a good idea!

Jimmy: [To wishing well Lucius fell in earlier] I wish my friends would get along.

Lucius: Friends! Hah! Who needs them.

Jimmy: [Surprised] That's what I say!

Lucius: Always trying to act all pleased, always roping you into dopey musical numbers.

Jimmy: Uhm, no, not really.

Lucius: Always looking to borrow money with no intention paying it back. You know who you are, Sammy Garvin! Never caring enough to... You know, get into a fight over me. That's what real friendship is all about. Misery!

Season 2[edit]

Everyone Can Whistle[edit]

(Jimmy is asleep in bed and he is snoring lightly)

[Birds Chirping In Distance]

Jimmy: [Gasps In Excitement] I hear whistling! Sweet!

Jimmy: I don't understand, but I like!

Beezy: [Signal Whistle]

Beezy: [More Signal Whistle]

Beezy eats an entire 4 cheese pizza and licks his entire face.

Jimmy: Wow! Whistling does all that? Awesome!

Lucius Heinous VII: [Whistling casually]

Lucius Heinous VII: [Whistling Off Key]

Lucius Heinous VII: Yes

Jimmy: Around here, good things come to whistlers.

Jimmy: [Tries To Whistle Loudly, But Spits Saliva All Over The Place]

General Molotov: [Loud Signal Whistle]

Jimmy: What's that? opportunity whistling?

General Molotov: [Loud Signal Whistle Continues]

Jimmy: Hey, Mo-mo, can you teach me how to do that? all I can do is this.

(Jimmy does the same thing over and over again)

General Molotov: Uh oh.

Jimmy: Yeah, on 2nd thought. I think I'll ask someone else.

Peep: (singing) Everyone can whistle, quick as a tick, everyone can whistle, even the sick! Everyone can whistle, one head or two. Everyone can whistle, even you!

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