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Jimmy Two-Shoes (known also as JTS; known as Jimmy Cool in most parts of Europe) is an animated children's television series that aired on Disney XD in the USA, Teletoon in Canada, and Jetix in the United Kingdom (by August 19, 2009, rebranded as Disney XD). The series were centered on the exploits of the happy-go-lucky titular character Jimmy, who lives in Miseryville, a miserable town filled with monsters and demon-like creatures. The series were created by Edward Kay and Sean Scott.

Season 1[edit]

I Totally Shredded My Cheese[edit]

Sammy: I should be on TV. I have a nice smile. [Smiles hideously into mirror]

Baseball Game Announcer: And now, Jimmy Two-Shoes will sing the Miseryville anthem.
Jimmy: Misery and grief, pain with no relief...
Crowd: [Boos and throws things at Jimmy]
Man: Just say the line!
Jimmy: [Sadly] I totally shredded my cheese.
Crowd: [Cheers]
Jimmy: [Happier] I totally shredded my cheese.
Crowd: [Cheers louder]
Jimmy: [Happier] I totally shredded my cheese!! [Is covered in roses]

Heloise's Wish List[edit]

Jimmy: [To Beezy] Okay, so would you rather... Go whale watching, or jump out of a plane?
Beezy: Sleep.
Jimmy: What do you think Heloise would want to do?
Beezy': Throw a whale out of a plane?

Lucius: [To Sammy] Get someone to fix the remote!
Sammy: Only Heloise knows how.
Lucius: Never! I won't ask her for help! Lucius Henious the Seventh doesn't know the meaning of the word help!
Sammy: [Pulls out dictionary] Help. Verb. To provide assistance.


Jimmy: So, what's the plan, we soar through the sky like an eagle?
Heloise: Either that or we crash into the pavement like a wounded bird! [Makes exploding noises]

Jimmy: [Looking at the frozen Lucius Heinous the Sixth] This must be Beezy's granddad! Hey, I bet
he could get Beezy and Lucy to stop fighting!
[Imagines Lucius Heinous the Sixth stopping Beezy and Lucius from bickering]
Lucius the Sixth: Beezy! Lucius! I want you two to get along!
[Lucius and Beezy smile and hug each other. Then, one by one, everyone turns into ice cream]
Lucius the Sixth: Thak you, Jimmy, for bringing us together!
[Vision ends]
Jimmy: You're welcome, imagination!

Lucius: [Angerly to Jimmy] This is your fault! Just look at what you've done!
[Lucius gestures to all the Heniouses standing around arguing]
Jimmy: [Eyes sparkling happily] Yeah! I've brought you all together! [Hugs Lucius]

Beezy: [To Jimmy] You have to put things back to the way they were. I don't know how much more I can take!
Jimmy: Don't worry, buddy. I've got a cunning two-step plan to fix everything!
Beezy: What's step one?
Jimmy: Come up with a plan!
Beezy: Sweet! What's step two?
Jimmy: Haven't gotten that far yet.

Chez Beezy[edit]

Beezy: [Panicing] Heloise! [Sees Heloise welding a claw onto a merman] Heloise, why are you welding in the dark?
Heloise: I'm on my break.
Beezy: But you can't go on break! Not now!
Heloise: Watch me.

Beezy: [To himself] Okay, you can do this Beezy. I believe in you.
Beezy: [Looks at reflection in a frying pan and panics] I can't I'm scared! I don't know what to do!
Heloise: [Slaps him with a dead fish]
Beezy: [Calmly] Thank you, Heloise. I needed that.
Heloise: I wasn't trying to help you. I just wanted to slap you with a fish.


Spew Tube[edit]

Beezy: [Breaks Heloise's house wall] This is all your fault, Heloise!
Jimmy: [Enters the house through the door] [Smash Beezy] You posted Spew Tube? You said you wouldn't!
Heloise: [Sadly] I feel kind of bad now [Makes cute sadly face]
Jimmy: Oh! You don't expect me to believe that!
Heloise: [Makes extremely sadly cute face]
Jimmy: [Crosses arms and look angerly to her] Beezy: [Look weirdly at her]
Heloise: [Gives up] It was worth a try.
Beezy: [To Heloise] My dad is super angry.
Heloise: [tough] Relax, panic puss. He's your father, what is he gonna do? [Relaxed]
[Comes from roof two secret agents and kidnaps the whole group]

Sammy: [Reading script] Lucius Heinous the Seventh is nothing but... A complete chicken!
Lucius: Did he just call me a chicken?
Jimmy: [Grins and gives a thumbs up]
Sammy: [Grins and continues] A coward. An bambelling-off. A clumsy imitator of a dictator with illusions of adequacy!
Lucius: [Angrier] You know I can hear you.
Sammy: Unless! This dumb-eling doof is a greastlest cockey goof! [This part was already impossible to listen]
Lucius: Whoa! I will not be humilliated by this little creature!
Sammy: You are ruining my moment! And I am not little; I'm taller than you!
Lucius: [Deadly look] Are you calling me... [Roars and smashes desk] TINY?!
Lucius: [Chases Sammy]

Monster Mutt[edit]

[In Jimmy's frontyard]
Jimmy: Oh my gosh! I gotta do something! [so atonished]
Heloise: How about that picnic? [happy face]
Jimmy: [with a courage face] I'm gonna need some help [Runs into his house].
Heloise: [Yells to the sky] Hello? What am I? Some ugly lavaworm?!.
Lavaworm in car: [appears from nowhere] You're not so hot yourself, toots. [presses the klaxon] [Heloise get frustrated]

Jimmy: They are working him like a dog!
Beezy: I'm getting tired just watching. [bored]
Heloise: Just for you know, there's still time for the picnic! [adorable face] I made potato salad! [shows bowl with teatletoads] It was lavaworms in it!
Jimmy: [Looks at her toughly] Not until Beezy and Cerbee are back to normal.
Heloise: [angry] They're. Never. Going to be normal.
Beezy-in-Cerbbe-body: Cool! I can chew on my own foot! Ha, ha!
Heloise: [Shows him that] [Jimmy smiles embarassed]

A Cold Day In Miseryville[edit]

Heloise: Behold! My latest invention, the Snow Burrador 901!
Jimmy and Beezy: Wooooooooow!
Jimmy: Why 901?
Heloise: The first 900 didn't work out.
Jimmy: But this one works, right?
Heloise: Nope. But, that's what makes it fun!

Beezy: Eeeeww! Is that dandruff?
Heloise: Yeah, I build a giant machine that makes dandruff... It's snow, icebrain!!

Jimmy: [To angry mob] Look, Heloise invented this machine, why don't you ask her to turn it off?
Green Citizen: Eh, because, uhm... She's uh.. Kind of, uh, s-scary.
Red Citizen: Have you seen her smile!?

Mount Misery[edit]

Lucius: We few, we miserable few, we seek not to fight. But if they beg for battle, then better battlers we be! And we be "bictorious"!
Heloise: Bictorious?
Sammy: He wrote it himself.

Heat Blanket Jimmy[edit]

Lucius: It's all about the evil. You think it, you are it!

Lucius: It makes my insides so chilly!

Heloise: [To Jimmy] You can surf?
[A surfboard randomly comes out of Jimmy's mouth]
Jimmy': Sure! How hard can it be?
[Beezy lays on a surfboard in the sand, trying to make it move]
Beezy: Really hard!


Dr. Scientist: [Showing Beezy a video of people talking on their cell phones] Look at them. They're disgusting! Do you want to be like them?
Beezy: [Crying a little] Yes...
Dr. Scientist: [Slaps Beezy] No! I will ask you again, do you want to be like them?
Beezy: I feel a cramping in my hand. I kiss it!

Lucius: Someone! Call for help!
[Everyone looks at the pile of cell phones Lucius burned]
Heloise: Now that is ironic.

Power Squid and Spaghetti Beezy[edit]

Heloise: [To Jimmy and Beezy] I think I have something you might want to see.
{The trio goes to Heloise's lab]
Heloise: [Pulls out a box and opens it. Awe Guy comes out. Heloise slams box shut] Wrong box.
Heloise: [Pulls out a different box and opens it. Box shines with glory]
Jimmy: Oooo, glowy!
Beezy: You can't fight clowns with just glow!
Heloise: [Rolls eyes and pulls out squid invention]

Jimmy: [To clowns] You don't wanna mess with me. For I am...
[Jimmy sees Beezy letting the clowns throw pies at him]
Jimmy: Beezy!
Beezy: I thought I was Beezy.

The Big Date[edit]

Jimmy: [To Jez] Do you like movies?
Jez: No.
Beezy: [Whispering to Jimmy] I'll handle this. [To Jez] Do you like movies?
Jez: [Looks at him]
Beezy: [Whispers to Jimmy] Ask her if she likes movies.

Jez: Here's what my laugh would sound like if I found anything you did funny! [Laughs sarcasticly]
Heloise: [Angerly] No one laughs at Jimmy but me!

Carnival Lucius[edit]

Heloise: [Showing Lucius a model of a carnival] I call it... A carnival! It cheats people, drives them crazy, and still they come back for more!
Sammy: [Coyly] Oohhh, where'd you get that idea?
Heloise: [Grits teeth] It's called...
[Switches scene to Jimmy in his backyard]
Jimmy: [Happily] A carnival! It's got rides that spin you around and around -
[Switches back to Heloise]
Heloise: - And go so fast they make you feel sick! And just when you think it's over -
[Switches to Jimmy]
Jimmy: [Happily] They speed up again! Oh, and the food!
[Switches to Heloise]
Heloise: Fatty, chunky, dripping with grease -
[Switches to Jimmy]
Jimmy: [Happily] And lots and lots of sugar. Oh, and so many people!
Heloise: Long line-ups, and constant shoving!

Baby Boom[edit]

Jimmy: [To Tori] Tori, you don't have to be jealous of your little sister. 'Cause, ya know, you're special, in a very special way.
Tori: What are you talking about?
Jimmy: Yeah, I don't know. I saw that on TV once. Did it help any?
Tori: Not really. Points for trying. I kind of feel bad about ratting you out to my dad now.
Jimmy and Beezy: Say what?! [Mouths open really wide as they say this and Awe Guy pops up and sings an angelic choir]

Way Below Par[edit]

Heloise: Here. Use this ball for good luck.
Jimmy: Um, but my ball's fine!
[Heloise takes golf ball from Jimmy and crushes it with her teeth, then hands Jimmy her's]
Jimmy: Uh, yeah, sure. Your ball's great...

Jimmy Matchmaker[edit]

Jimmy: Well that's it. No more match-making for me. [Glues a piece of statue back on]
Heloise: Maybe not for Beezy, but what about you and me?
Jimmy: [Doesn't look away from statue] What about you and me what?
Heloise: [Whistles, points at Jimmy then at herself]
Jimmy: [Scoffs] What's that?
Heloise: [Repeats action angerly]
Jimmy: [Looks down at Heloise] Why are you whistling?
Heloise: [Growls and punches the statue]

Fused Together[edit]

Beezy: You're the one who fused us together!
Heloise: Because that was funny.
Beezy: Well, this is funny too!
[Beezy drinks the milkshake and splashes it out on Heloise through his nose. Heloise becomes very angry]
Beezy: Iheheh... Maybe not as funny as I thought.
Heloise: [Furious] You're going down, BOTH OF YOU!
Jimmy: What did I do?
[Heloise punches Jimmy Heloise and Beezy gasps]

Best Bud Battles[edit]

Jimmy: [To wishing well Lucius fell in earlier] I wish my friends would get along.
Lucius: Friends! Hah! Who needs them.
Jimmy: [Surprised] That's what I say!
Lucius: Always trying to act all pleased, always roping you into dopey musical numbers.
Jimmy: Uhm, no, not really.
Lucius: Always looking to borrow money with no intention paying it back. You know who you are, Sammy Garvin! Never caring enough to... You know, get into a fight over me. That's what real friendship is all about. Misery!

Season 2[edit]

Everyone Can Whistle[edit]

(Jimmy is asleep in bed and he is snoring lightly)
[Birds Chirping In Distance]
Jimmy: [Gasps In Excitement] I hear whistling! Sweet!
Jimmy: I don't understand, but I like!
Beezy: [Signal Whistle]
Beezy: [More Signal Whistle]
Beezy eats an entire 4 cheese pizza and licks his entire face.
Jimmy: Wow! Whistling does all that? Awesome!
Lucius Heinous VII: [Whistling casually]
Lucius Heinous VII: [Whistling Off Key]
Lucius Heinous VII: Yes
Jimmy: Around here, good things come to whistlers.
Jimmy: [Tries To Whistle Loudly, But Spits Saliva All Over The Place]
General Molotov: [Loud Signal Whistle]
Jimmy: What's that? opportunity whistling?
General Molotov: [Loud Signal Whistle Continues]
Jimmy: Hey, Mo-mo, can you teach me how to do that? all I can do is this.
(Jimmy does the same thing over and over again)
General Molotov: Uh oh.
Jimmy: Yeah, on 2nd thought. I think I'll ask someone else.
Peep: (singing) Everyone can whistle, quick as a tick, everyone can whistle, even the sick! Everyone can whistle, one head or two. Everyone can whistle, even you!

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