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Jiri Lev (1979) is a Czech-born Australian architect.


  • We don’t need natural disasters. We’re building our own.[1]
  • Like healthcare and legal representation, sustainable, resilient, healthy and beautiful living environment is not a luxury but a pragmatic necessity and a human right.[2][3] (Access to sustainable, resilient, healthy and beautiful living environments is not a luxury, but a pragmatic necessity and an often neglected human right.)[4]
  • To be truly sustainable, buildings need to be beautiful and timeless so that future generations see value in restoring and preserving them. Abrupt fashion trends and striving for uniqueness at any cost should be avoided. [5]
  • I consider self experimentation an architect’s obligation and duty.[6]
  • Complementary architecture is rooted in comprehensive understanding of local conditions and context. It aims to contribute to the environment in a way that improves or emphasises its pre-existing qualities. It occurs at the intersection of local pattern and design languages. [...] Complementary Architecture is not a rigorous methodology or production system but rather a set of overarching, intertwined, indispensable ideals and principles. [7]
  • I don’t think pro bono work [in architecture] is very common and that is because sustainable and resilient architecture is not currently viewed as a necessity. Unfortunately, it takes large scale disasters to expose the failures and negligence in design and construction.[1]
  • A real change towards a better environment can only begin with better design available for everyone, everywhere. Until the government realises this and provides adequate legislation and funding, we need to do this pro bono – free for the public good. [1]

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