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João Sousa.

João Sousa (born March 30, 1989) is a Portuguese professional tennis player. He became the first player from his country to win a tournament at ATP World Tour level and is often regarded as the greatest Portuguese tennis player of all time.


  • There are not many people training in Portugal, the ones available were older like Frederico Gil and Rui Machado and in the north region there was no one like in Lisbon, so I had to go for other solutions"
    • On his decision to relocate from Portugal to Barcelona when we was 15, during 2012 Rio de Janeiro Challenger.[1]
  • You can have news that (Cristiano) Ronaldo went to the toilet three times a day, and that's the news. I make semi-finals and nothing.
    • On tennis' lack of public visibility in Portugal when compared with football, during 2015 ATP Dubai tournament.[2]
  • Well, I agree with him [Gilles Simon]. All those that play within the tennis world know how hard it is to enter the top-100 and there is a huge difference between the top players and all the others, or at least those who are a bit ‘lower in the rankings, so yes, I agree
    • On how prize money is distributed on the ATP Tour, during a 2015 November interview for an Italian tennis news website.[3]
  • Thanks to all these results, people in Portugal are starting know and become more interested in our sport. Tennis is more and more popular in Portugal and we don't talk about only football anymore. I am glad to help in that process.
    • On tennis' rising popularity in Portugal, during the same interview.[4]
  • I feel that I am respected. The other top players now realize what I am capable of. There is mutual respect among player at this ATP level, everyone knows the required quality one needs to have to be part of the elite.

About João Sousa[edit]

  • Sousa's a good player, likes playing on clay, although his best results have been on hard courts, he's got a good forehand.
  • [He] is tough. João is a great tennis player and a wonderful boy. Every time I played against him [I] had to be always very strong, especially on the mental side. He takes the best out of the opponent.
    • Novak Djokovic when asked how it was like to face Sousa, during a 2015 November interview for a Portuguese newspaper.[7]


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