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Jo Ankier (born 1982) is a British athlete, sports journalist and model.


Jewish Chronicle, 17 August 2007, p. 11-12: "The calendar girl who's going for gold"[edit]

  • This year I’m planning on hibernating from October until the Olympics next August. It’s that important to me. It drives me. And it’s very addictive. One of the cruellest things about the sport is that you’re never fulfilled or completely happy with your performance. You’re running against a clock so you always want to go faster and think that you can. That becomes an addiction.
  • I still haven’t learned to deal with situations like that very well — but I don’t think you should, because then you’re accepting defeat. It’s good to be stubborn, to be hard on yourself.
    • On leading all the way through a race and being beaten at the finish.
  • Ankier is anxious to avoid what she calls the “Anna Kournikova syndrome” — “I realise that a lot of the media attention I’ve got is because I don’t look horrible, but that can bring attention you don’t want.”
  • The important question is, do we want more women in management positions, or less assholes in general. I lean toward the latter.
    • During an interview with BBC - France. Dec 2011.

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