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Joachim Kaiser in 2007

Joachim Kaiser (18. December 1928 in Milken, Ostpreußen — 11. May 2017) was a German journalist, author and influential critic.


  • The word "Silence" today sounds "bridegroom" or the "tragedy of love".
    • quoted in Dieter Schott, Bill Luckin, Geneviève Massard-Guilbaud, Resources of the City: Contributions to an Environmental History of Modern Europe (2005), p. 225

Quotes about Kaiser

  • There the critic Joachim Kaiser has ruled as King for a long time, and his tendentious but impressively presented utterances tend to be treated as gospel by large sections of the German music world.
    • Vladimir Ashkenazy, in Jasper Parrott and ‎Vladimir Ashkenazy, Beyond frontiers (1985)
  • Regardless of his general opinion of critics, he did read their reviews. There was usually no reply from him, even in private. But he was provoked once. His rejoinder was hilarious. His subject? Joachim Kaiser, author of a review of a concert that Carlos had given in Munich. Kaiser closed his review by comparing Carlos to his father:
    "If Kleiber, then Erich."
    In private, Carlos answered.
    "If Kaiser, then Schmarrn."
    • Charles Barber, Corresponding with Carlos: A Biography of Carlos Kleiber (2011), p.130
  • Joachim Kaiser, the czar of German music critics...
    • Charles Beauclerk, Piano Man: Life of John Ogdon (2015), p.248
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