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Comer in 2023

Jodie Comer (born 11 March 1993) is an English actress.


  • I went through this period where I was just obsessed with makeup and I wore a ton of it, and then I suddenly realized how much I was wearing, and the fact that I was spending all this money. I think now I'm just trying to be more comfortable with what I have rather than having to cover up. But I do love putting makeup on for a night out.
  • It was really shocking; it was the first time I had ever been dragged into something like that. And it wasn't just me, it was my family. I had seen the absurdity of what I was being accused of, and what my partner was being accused of. I decided for my own health that I was not going to try and convince these people otherwise. I just wasn't going to do it.

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