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Joe is a 1970 drama film starring Peter Boyle, Dennis Patrick and Susan Sarandon.

I'm the "Joe" everybody's talking about. (taglines)

Joe Curran[edit]

  • The niggers, the niggers are gettin' all the money. Why work, tell me, why the fuck work, when you can screw, have babies, an' get paid for it?

Melissa Curran[edit]

  • What are you gonna do, kill me too?


Hippie: Hey man, you got any spare change?
Bill Compton: No, but I know where you can find a spare job!

Hippie: You guys looking to buy some grass?
Bill Compton: I got all I need, sonny!


  • I'm the "Joe" everybody's talking about.
  • Keep America Beautifu

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