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John Avlon

John Phillips Avlon (born January 19, 1973) is an American journalist and political commentator. He is a Senior Political Analyst and fill-anchor at CNN and former editor-in-chief and managing director of The Daily Beast from 2013 to 2018. Avlon has also been a columnist and associate editor for The New York Sun and chief speechwriter for former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani.


  • Professional partisans are still playing politics by industrial-age rules. They haven’t woken up to the information-age reality. Younger generations have grown up with a multiplicity of choice on every front, which can be tailored to suit their individual beliefs. Politics is the last place where we are supposed to be satisfied with a choice between Brand A and Brand B.
  • If you only take offense when the president of your party is compared to Hitler, then you're part of the problem.
  • The independence of our nation is inseparable from our interdependence as a people.
    • Avlon, John (January 2017) (in English). Washington's Farewell (Hardcover ed.). New York: Simon and Schuster. pp. 284. ISBN 978-1-4767-4646-3. 
  • Semi-obvious but bears repeating: Much of the evil in the world comes from seeing and judging people as members of groups rather than individuals.

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