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John Evelyn Barlas (18601914), pseudonym Evelyn Douglas, was an English poet and political activist of the late 19th century. He was a member of the decadent movement in literature, as well as a revolutionary socialist in politics.


Love Sonnets (1889)[edit]

  • Loved once for ever loved: how surely sounds
    This gospel to me since I learned to list
    Truth from thy lips, mine own evangelist.
    What thought presumes to set now any bounds
    To Love whose being informs us and surrounds?
    • XXIII."Loved once for ever loved: how surely sounds"
  • As I go musing through this mournful land
    Soothed by the pine-tree's solemn harmony,
    Thy well-loved image comes and walks by me.
    I seem to hold thee by the gentle hand
    And talk of things I dimly understand,
    That thy dear spirit set to mine may be
    As to an intricate lock the simple key.
    • XXXII. "As I go musing through this mournful land"
  • I saw thee in a vision of the night
    Transfigured; for it seemed that on thy brows
    The heavens did rest with all their stars, like boughs
    Laden with blossoms; round thy feet the bright
    Green waves, like grass, ran rippling, strewn with white
    Star-fragments of rent petals: wasted vows,
    And ruined prayers I thought them, such as house
    In hearts that love and are not loved aright.
    • XLVI. "I saw thee in a vision of the night"

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