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John Berger

John Peter Berger (born November 5, 1926) is an art critic, novelist, painter and author. The best-known among his many works include the novel G., winner of the 1972 Booker Prize, and the introductory essay on art criticism Ways of Seeing, written as an accompaniment to a significant BBC series of the same name, and often used as a college text.


Ways of Seeing (1972)[edit]

BBC and Penguin Books ISBN 0563122447
  • According to usage and conventions which are at last being questioned but have by no means been overcome, the social presence of a woman is different in kind from that of a man...A man's presence suggests what he is capable of doing to you or for you... By contrast, a woman's presence expresses her own attitude to herself, and defines what can and cannot be done to her. (p. 45-46)
  • Nakedness reveals itself. Nudity is placed on display. The nude is condemned to never being naked. Nudity is a form of dress.
  • Glamour cannot exist without personal social envy being a common and widespread emotion.

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