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John Birtwhistle

John Birtwhistle (born 1946) is an English poet and librettist.


  • There are many thousands of poems about Death in the abstract. Philosophy about Death is a typical way of rendering it less real as an experience.
    • 'What can we learn from a dying poet' BMJ Supportive & Pallative Online Journal July 25 2014

Clare's 'Popularity in Authorship (1824)'[edit]

'Occasion of the essay' Introduction to John Clare's on line Essay

  • Clare's essay was itself an attempt at popularity through essayistic journalism.
  • A minor essay, but an unduly neglected document of Clare's predicament in 1824, a crucial year in his life as a poet.
  • The essay was impelled by Clare's anxiety that his poems were slipping out of fashion.

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