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John Boyega

John Adedayo B. Adegboyega (born 17 March 1992), known professionally as John Boyega, is an English actor


  • I’m black British and I’m from London. And that in itself is something that the world doesn’t know about yet. I met American people – civilians of a first-world country – who were confused that there were black people in London. That’s why entertainment is so special, it’s a great chance to bring people together and open them up to things they haven’t seen before.
  • At the age of nine I found it a weird concept that someone is here one day and not the next. I didn’t understand what that truly meant. It was so big. I’d never heard of murders in London before then. A little kid running around with your packed lunch and your superheroes.
  • Even in terms of the beginning stage of the career, obstacles are something that you get so used to. The uncertainty of your life. You’ll always exist in a weird balance because you’re going for a career that’s somewhat unrealistic and not all success. There’s always challenges and you’ve gotta get through it or you’re beaten by it. It creates this kind of discipline, in a sense.

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