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John Callahan's Quads! is a co-produced adult cartoon created by and based upon the work of John Callahan.


Griz: Well look at it this way. Now I can call you numb-nuts with real authority.
Spalding: Over! Do you wear contacts?
Reilly: No! OH!
Griz: Is that his ass or my aftershave?

Lefty: I need some potatoes for a vegetable ragout that I'm trying.
Blazer: What a fag.
Lefty: I'm not a fag. I'm educated.
[Lefty kicks Blazer away]

Lefty: Here's Blazer's indecent exposure summons!
Spalding: Blazer! How can you expose parts of your body that you don't even have?
Blazer: I tell you it wasn't easy.

Reilly: I've got to find some way to pay this hospital bill. If I don't they'll take it out of me in body parts.
Blazer: Well it's not like you're using any of your body parts.

Lefty: How can I put this to you in a subtle way?
Blazer: Not on your life crippo.
Lefty: Oh that was subtle.

Blazer: [working in the complaints department at a store] You want to return that hair piece? Good. It's terrible! It looks like a squirrel died on your head, you can spot that thing for marks!
Complainer: I'd like to return these bedroom slippers
[holds up a pair of squirrel slippers]
Blazer: Ooooh...

Reilly: Wheres Lefty? It was his turn to make breakfast.
Blazer: I heard him screaming bloody murder in the night. I figured someone broke in and killed him
[Lefty walks in]
Lefty: Morning...
Reilly: Look who isn't dead.


  • James Kee as Reilly O'Reilly
  • Terri Hawkes as Franny
  • Matthew King as Spalding
  • Cliff Saunders as Blazer
  • Paul Haddad as Lefty
  • Hamish Hughes as Griz
  • Diane Fabian as Liz Bromberg
  • Marvin Kaye as Mort Bromberg
  • Maurice Dean Wint as Fontaine
  • Linda Kash as Deborah
  • Corinne Conley as Sister Butch

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