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John Earle Sullivan in 2021

John Earle Sullivan (born 1995 in Utah), also known as Jayden X or Activist John, is a political activist and photojournalist from Sandy, a suburb of Salt Lake City is a political activist and photojournalist. He is the founder of "Insurgence USA" and one of the rioters who invaded the US Capital on 6 January 2021.


  • We gotta ... rip Trump right out of that office right there
    We ain't about .. waiting until the next election.
    It's time for revolution.
  • An armed revolution is the only way to bring about change effectively. I can tell you that the dynamics completely shifted when shots can be fired back. In this photo, I was met by 50 armed police officers at the Utah State capital. #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #Fuck12 #Acab
  • Fuck The System - Time To Burn It All Down. #blm #antifa #burn #fuckthesystem #abolishcapitalism #abolishthepolice #acab #fucktrump
  • There was a crowd of about, I would say, more than 50,000 people just at the Capitol base trying to get in
  • Come on. Let’s go!
    We’re all part of this (expletive) history
    2021! (expletive) This is insanity. I am shook. What is this? What is this painting, you know? King (expletive) bro (expletive)!
    Is this not going to be the best film you’ve ever made in your life?
    This is surreal. This is real life, though. This seems like a movie.
    This is a revolution. You guys treasure this moment. This is history.
    • 6 January 2021
  • When you’re in a massive crowd like that, you have to blend in.
    As far as them storming the Capitol, I knew that was going to happen
    I’m on chats that are underground that are sending out flyers that are just like, ‘Storm all Capitols on the 6th.’ It wasn’t anything that was secret. It was something that was out there ... and they did it.
    I have video of it, I am hesitant to post it.
    It’s something I have to take in. I hope that people get a grasp of that situation.
    Whoever shot her, maybe should be held accountable. I guess that’s up to the law to decide.


  • He has admitted that he has no press credentials and the investigation has not revealed any connection between SULLIVAN and any journalistic organizations.

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