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John H. Disher explaining the components of the Apollo program in 1967

John Howard Disher (December 23, 1921August 27, 1988) was an American aeronautical engineer and NASA manager.


  • For the most part, these are not new lessons, but lessons learned in different circumstances and surroundings. The fact that they are not new is of course a lesson in itself — we must continually strive to benefit from past experiences and structure our management so that past related experience can be brought to bear on current problems.
  • Another lesson comes to mind and that is the need for continued hard review of design requirements. In retrospect, the requirement that led to the provision of a meteoroid shield was questionable. The shield was required in order to meet the arbitrary numerical design goal with the limited environmental knowledge then existing. Certainly with the benefit of hindsight, however, the shield was not necessary.
    • "Skylab Lessons Learned" (22 September 1975)
  • It is important to plan for maximum utilization of contingent capability.
    • "Skylab Lessons Learned" (22 September 1975)

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