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John William Jakes (born March 31, 1932) is an American writer, best known for American historical fiction.


North and South Trilogy (1982-1987)[edit]

Answer the Drum[edit]

  • "Iron can destroy anything: families, fortunes, governments,whole countries. It's the most powerful stuff in the universe."
    "Oh?" Orry's skeptical glance fell down on the Plain below. "You really think it's more powerful than a big army?"
    "Without weapons - without this - there are no big armies."
  • I got a clear impression that he'd cheerfully send off a regiment to be butchered if it served his purpose. He wouldn't think twice about it, either. he called soldiers "interchangeable parts.
  • He was just a lieutenant of the line, a small cog in an immense machine. Besides, all that really mattered to him was doing his job and survivng.
  • They had taken no more than a dozen steps away from the cottages when a musket barrel came smashing through an unbroken window in one of the cottages ahead. The door flew open, three more muskets poked out. The muskets boomed, killing two of th surprised soldiers a yard to Orry's left.

March into Darkness[edit]

  • He saw it all summed up in the blind marching of that nameless unit. A vision of gaunt shapes, sharp shiny steel, dim lamps flaring in the rain. The war machine was rolling.
  • "Designed to carry heavy armament. Designed for war. A commerce raider. She would roam the earth and do inestimable damage to Yankee shipping."

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