John M. Sandidge

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John M. Sandidge

John Milton Sandidge (January 7 1817March 30 1890) was a member of the Louisiana State House of Representatives (1846 - 1855), serving as its speaker (1854 - 1855), as a delegate to the state constitutional convention (1852) and as a U.S. Representative from Louisiana (1855 - 1859).


  • Gentlemen of the House of Representatives: Satisfied that at this late hour, you will be more pleased to hear of your formal dissolution than of any thing else which could be uttered and as the time fixed by the Constitution for the duration of your session is about to expire, I announce the this House now stands adjourned.
    • Official Journal of the House of Representatives of the State of Louisiana (1854-03-16)
  • When I return-as soon I will-to those who sent me here, and shall be asked of what I had seen at Washington-and what it was that most engaged the attention of the Representatives of a great people, and what of good had been done for the country, the answer must be, so far as our action is concerned, that day by day, week after week, and month after month before the election, the chief business of all parties was the creation of political capital upon which to draw in the then coming presidential campaign; and that after the election, there seemed to be no greater object of interest than the establishment of the fact, that if not cheated in sending us here, the people were green enough to be swindled afterwards. Yes, sir; the whole of them, Democrats, Republicans, and Know-Nothings.
    • Congressional Globe, House of Representatives, 34th Congress, 3rd Session, Page 128 (1857-01-07))

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