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John Marrs is a British science fiction and suspense writer.


The One (2017)[edit]

All page numbers are from the hardcover American first edition published by Hanover Square Press ISBN 978-1-335-00510-6
  • He put the phone away and pondered what his Match might look like, before deciding it was inappropriate to be thinking about a second woman while he was still in the company of the first.
    • Chapter 2 (p. 15)
  • The decor of her office was as sparse as her home, she realized. It said nothing about her. But when you didn’t care enough about your own decisions it was far more convenient to pay interior designers to make them for you.
    • Chapter 5 (p. 26)
  • Enough bullets had hit Ellie over the years to know when a writer was about to take aim.
    • Chapter 15 (p. 61)
  • They say you can’t miss what you’ve never had, but that’s not true.
    • Chapter 31 (p. 130)
  • It seemed incredible to him that people were stupid enough to store their entire life on five inches of plastic for anyone to poke about in.
    • Chapter 37 (p. 154)
  • One day I was thinking about a conversation I’d had with my sister Maggie about why she married her husband, John. She was adamant it was love at first sight, and even though they were only fourteen when they met, they knew they’d end up spending the rest of their lives together. I’m a scientist, so naturally I’m skeptical about that kind of thing, but it did get me thinking—what if she was right? What if love at first sight actually exists?
    • Chapter 45 (pp. 181-182)
  • Ellie knew how easy it was for someone with money to smother someone without it.
    • Chapter 55 (p. 225)
  • Don’t worry. The only skeletons in my closet belong to the mice.
    • Chapter 65 (p. 261)
  • He was an addiction she didn’t want to be free of. And the more she had of him, the more she craved.
    • Chapter 78 (p. 308)
  • “I am worth more than this, Mark,” she snapped. “And if that doesn’t sink into your head pretty bloody soon, it’s going to be too late.”
    • Chapter 78 (p. 310)
  • Since being part of a couple he’d learned relationships didn’t need truth to make them work, they just needed one of them to possess a heart large enough to beat for both of them.
    • Chapter 87 (p. 344)
  • She’d been happier with him than she had ever thought imaginable, but only now she understood it wasn’t because their DNA had dictated it, but because she’d opened herself up to the concept of love.
    • Chapter 95 (pp. 377-378)
  • “Don’t be like that, mate. After all, it all turned out okay in the end, right?”
    If by okay, he meant a dead fiancée, a child that wasn’t his and his soul mate lost forever on the other side of the world, then yeah, he was great, Nick thought bitterly.
    • Chapter 99 (p. 395)

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