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John Henry O'Hara (January 31, 1905; April 11, 1970) was an Irish-American writer. He earned a reputation first for short stories and became a best-selling novelist by the age of thirty with Appointment in Samarra and BUtterfield 8. He was particularly known for an unparalleled and shockingly accurate ear for dialogue. O'Hara was a keen observer of social status and class differences, and wrote frequently about the socially ambitious.


  • I have work to do, and I am afraid not to do it.
    • Forward to The Horse Knows the Way (1964).

Quote about O'Hara[edit]

  • I tended to read whatever was in the house, which meant that I read a lot of odd stuff. Who was that guy that used to write about men's clubs all the time? John O'Hara. It was Mars for me
  • John O'Hara was a terrible bore as a young man—always looking for a fight, and making sure he never found one.

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