Davyes-Pate Rebellion

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The Davyes-Pate Rebellion was a short-lived rebellion that took place in Calvert County, Maryland in late 1676.  The rebels, lead by William Davyes and John Pate, gathered in resistance to high taxes and disenfranchisement.  Governor Thomas Notley had the rebel leaders hanged.

Quotes about the rebellion

  • The last public levy was 297 lbs. (of tobacco) per poll, and the great levy the year before has given occasion for malignant spirits to mutter, and may cause some to mutiny, "for the common people will never be brought to understand the just reason of a public charge, or will they ever believe that the expense is for their own preservation."  Since General Davis and Pate were hanged the rabble have been much appalled.  Now enjoy peace among themselves, though never body was more replete with malignancy and frenzy than our people were about August last, and they wanted but a monstrous head to their monstrous body.  The greatest revolution has occurred in Virginia affairs, for as their rebellion was grounded upon madness and folly, so the wheel has turned again as wonderfully and swiftly in the submission of all the chief rebels