John Tucker Must Die

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John Tucker Must Die is a 2006 American high school comedy romance film.

  • Kate's Mom: Have fun, girls.
  • Carrie: Kate, right?
  • Kate: Yeah, Kate.
  • Heather: I wanna bring down you-know-who.
  • Beth: Normally I´m opposed to the slaughter of animals, but in John Tuckers case I´ll make an exception.
  • Kate: I don´t even know him.
  • Beth: So? You don´t know anyone. You´re like the Swiss. You´re neutered.
  • Carrie: Oh it´s “neutral.” Kate, if we tried this alone, we´d kill each other. You showed us that we have something in common.
  • Heather: Exactly. We all wanna kill John Tucker.
  • Kate: Wauuv. Okay.


  • Heather: So I talked to John. It was sweet. He felt bad for you. He said you were jealous because we share something special. Something that we didn´t have to label because were special.
  • Beth: “Because it´s our unspoken bond and I just love how secure you are”?
  • Carrie: And it hurts me to hear you question it? Because you´re…
  • Heather, Beth and Carrie: The only girl for me.
  • Heather: Damn! He said the same thing to all of us.
  • Beth: Figures. He makes up with us, and then he hooks up with us.
  • Carrie: You guys hooked up?
  • Beth: John and I share something special.
  • Carrie: That you´ve both been in your pants?
  • Beth: We share a vegan-nonviolent outlook on life.
  • Heather: Hippie slut.
  • Beth: Oh, nice, Heather. It´s not like everyone doesn´t know that Little-Miss-Cheerleader brings it on.
  • Carrie: What? You too?
  • Heather: Look, John and I belong together. He is the team captain, and I am the head cheerleader.
  • Beth: I sorry, what kind of cheerleader?
  • Carrie: Like he´d take either of you seriously.
  • Beth: Don´t lump me with her.
  • Heather: So now what, you´re better than me?
  • Kate: Shut up.
  • Beth: What?
  • Carrie: Excuse me?
  • Beth: Have you got something to say?
  • Kate: Look your all dating with same guys right. Does he ever use the word sweaty baby yeah.

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