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Johnny Mercer, New York, N.Y., between 1946 and 1948 (Photograph by William P. Gottlieb)

John Herndon Mercer (November 18, 1909June 25, 1976) was a popular American songwriter and singer.


Song Lyrics[edit]

  • You got to ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive
    E-lim-i-nate the negative
    And latch on to the affirmative.
    Don't mess with mister inbetween.

  • From Natchez to Mobile, from Memphis to St. Joe, wherever the four winds blow
    I been in some big towns an' heard me some big talk, but there is one thing I know
    A woman's a two-face, a worrisome thing who'll leave ya to sing the blues in the night.
    • Song Blues in the Night

  • The days of wine and roses laugh and run away like a child at play
    Through the meadow land toward a closing door
    A door marked "nevermore" that wasn't there before
    • Song The Days of Wine and Roses

  • Shine little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer.
    Shine little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer.
    Lead us lest too far we wander.
    Love's sweet voice is calling yonder.
    • Song The Glow-Worm

  • So you met someone who set you back on your heels - goody, goody
    You met someone and now you know how it feels - goody, goody
    • Song Goody, Goody

  • Skylark,
    Have you seen a valley green with Spring
    Where my heart can go a-journeying,
    Over the shadows in the rain
    To a blossom covered lane?
    And in your lonely flight,
    Haven't you heard the music in the night,
    Wonderful music,
    Faint as a will-o-the-wisp,
    Crazy as a loon,
    Sad as a gypsy serenading the moon.

  • I remember too, a distant bell...
    and stars that fell...
    like the rain
    out of the blue.

  • When my life is through
    And the angels ask me to recall
    The thrill of them all
    Then I shall tell them
    I remember you
    • Song I Remember You

  • Cigarette holder,
    which wigs me,
    over her shoulder
    she digs me:
    Out cattin'
    that Satin Doll.

  • There's a long goodbye,
    and it happens every day,
    when a passerby
    invites your eye
    to come away.
    Even as you smile a quick hello
    you let her go,
    you let the moment fly...
    Too late you turn your head,
    you know you've said
    the Long Goodbye.
    • Song "The Long Goodbye" (1973)

  • I know all the songs that the cowboys know
    'bout the big corral where the doggies go,
    'Cause I learned them all on the radio.
    Yippie yi yo kayah
    • Song I'm an old Cowhand

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