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The following is a list of quotes for the sixth season Johnny Test.

Johnny Vets Dukey[edit]

Dukey: What's behind your back?
Johnny: Nothing!
Dukey: Where're we going in the car?
Johnny: To the Squeaky... Toy... Hotdog... Roller-Coaster Store.
Dukey: That doesn't sound like a real thing. What's behind your back?! [Reaches behind Johnny.] A leash! Wait a minute... Dad in car, boy hiding leash, the smell of deceit lingering in the air... (gasps) you're trying to take me to the vet!!
Johnny: It's just a checkup. Don't be a scaredey cat.
Dukey: Watch it, mister! I'm a scaredey dog! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go run in fear.

Johnny: Dukey, nobody likes going to the doctor, but it's something we all have to do. Like homework or holding in gas at the dinner table.

Johnny: I need your keys.
Dad: Huh?
Johnny: He locked the front door.
Dad: How does a dog...

Dukey: Really?! You're gonna laser me to the vet?!
Johnny: It's for your own good!
Dukey: This is how you convince me to not be scared?!
Johnny: Will you just hold still so I can laser you!?

Dukey: You'll never take me alive!
Johnny: You might have heart worms!
Dukey: I might not!
Johnny: You might have fleas!
Dukey: I haven't scratched in weeks!
Johnny: That's a lie and you know it!

How to Train Your Johnny[edit]

Johnny: (singing) # With a swish, swish here and a scrub, scrub there. It's time to clean up everywhere. So say goodbye to filth and grime, I'll clean this mess in double time. (Whistles) Well, it used to be a chore, but it isn't anymore when you've got the secret to a super clean floor. Now the dirt's all gone and it didn't take long when you sing along to the clean up song. (Whistles) When you sing along to the clean up song! #
Dad: Great job, son. And now that the house is clean I'm gonna prepare a cleaning day feast.
Dukey: Well, say all you like, but you gotta admit the song was catchy.
Johnny: And now it's stuck, stuck, stuck in my head, head, head! ARGH!
Dukey: Ok! Calm down, down, down! It'll wear off.
Johnny: (singing) # And it's my dog I grab and I take him to the lab!#

[A Garbage Truck Appears Outside the Window]
Johnny: Kitty!
Dukey: No Johnny, That's not a Neighbor's Cat, That's a Garbage Truck. Johnny, Kitties are Fluffy, And Evil, And... [Dukey looked Shocked] Where's Johnny? Johnny?
[Johnny rides on the Garbage Truck]
Johnny: Kitty! Kitty!
Dukey: You had to Erase his Brain.
Susan: We were Trying to HELP!! Now Run, Dog, RUN!!!
[Susan and Dukey Runs After the Garbage Truck]

Johnny's Supreme Theme[edit]

Susan: The Theme-O'meter utilizes harmonic sequencing combined with brainwave alteration to evoke various cinematic atmospheres.
Johnny: Can I get a science to English translation?
Mary: It's melodic frequencies adjust brain perception to create various filmic styles within reality.
Johnny: Can I get an English to Johnny translation?
Susan: It makes real life just like a movie.

[When Sissy and Bling-Bling get turned into werewolves.]
Johnny: Well, Dukey, guess it's time for our last words.
Dukey: Does horrified screaming count?!
Johnny: I'm gonna go with yes.

Johnny: Ok, so we need an ending. How do Horror movies end?
Susan & Mary: Everybody dies!
Johnny: Romantic Musical?
Susan & Mary: Kissing!
Johnny: I've had a good life. Let's stick with Horror.

Dukey: (singing) #Johnny, what's going on? We're grooving to a crazy song! How long is it gonna last? I hope this movie theme moves fast! #
Johnny: (singing) #We need a kiss to break this trance. Susan, won't you take this chance. Kiss Gil! #
Susan: Kiss Gil?! (singing) #No, I don't think I will. I'd sooner might choose death. Argh! Coz Gil's got werewolf breath!#
Johnny: Well, there's gotta be a kiss soon. Coz I can't take much more of this corny musical... (singing) #Listen, Bling-Bling, here's my plan; kiss my sister be a man! #
[Bling-Bling kisses Susan and she soon pulls away from him and spits in disgust.]
Johnny: Should've gone with the werewolf breath.

Dial J for Johnny[edit]

Johnny: You? Funny? Prank?
Dad: Yeah, prank phone calling was the best thing ever. Until I pranked the wrong guy. He really didn't find it funny!
Johnny: You hear that, Dukey. Prank calling is the best thing ever. Let's do it! Thanks for the advice, Dad.
Dad: So I skipped town, got plastic surgery and changed my name to Dad.

[Bling-Bling's phone rings.]
Bling-Bling: A call from the Test house! This is it! Susan is finally calling to ask me out. Why, hello?
Johnny: Hello, (laughs) is your refrigerator running?
Bling-Bling: Well, I exp... wait, Johnny Test! Nice try! But I have caller I.D!

[Johnny telephones Thomas Edison.]
Edison: Hello?
Johnny: Is Mr or Mrs. Wall there?
Edison: No, there are no Walls here.
Johnny: (laughs) Then what holds up the ceiling?

[Dukey telephones Leonardo da Vinci.]
Da Vinci: Da Vinci residence. Leonardo speaking.
Dukey: Hello, I'm looking for a Mr. O'Brains, first name Ivan.
Da Vinci: Ivan O'Brains?
Dukey: (laughs) You have no brains?!
Da Vinci: What? No! I didn't mean that!
Dukey: You're the one who said it, dude!

[Johnny telephones Alexander Graham Bell.]
Bell: Hello?
Johnny: Hi, er, do you have a blue shirt?
Bell: A blue shirt? Why yes I do.
Johnny: Ah, then why don't you cheer it up?

Stop in the Name of Johnny[edit]

[Johnny witnesses the Speedster run through the crowded hallway.]
Johnny: Whoa! That kid should deliver pizzas.

Dukey: (To Johnny, laughing) You?! The hall monitor? Oh, the irony! That's like putting me in charge of the meat fridge! That's a good idea.

Bumper: Why should I help you, Test?
Johnny: Because if you don't, I'm taking you down.
Bumper: Down where?
Johnny: The Big House, the Clink, the Slammer, the Pokey.
Bumper: The Hokey Pokey?
Dukey: No. He means detention.

Johnny Goes Viral[edit]

Dukey: Johnny, lately you seem to know an awful lot about... everything.
Johnny: What's so weird about knowing that King Charles made Blasco Núñez Vela the first viceroy of Peru in 1544?
Dukey: Uh-huh. Er... what's a viceroy?
Johnny: I don't know. Wait! I do know!

Mary: Just because you think someone performed highly experimental cutting edge augmentation on your brain you instantly blame us?
Johnny: Er... yeah.

Johnny: (speaking in a female computer voice) Virus detected. Auto-restart.
Dukey: I'll save you!
[Dukey pulls a hospital-type curtain behind Johnny's head. Drilling noises are heard before Dukey reappears holding the computer chip that was attached to Johnny's head.]
Johnny: That kinda tickled.

Johnny's Last Chapter[edit]

[last line of the series]
Johnny: You're wrong Mr. Teacherman, this is Porkbelly. Where we make our own history.
[the rocketship leaves Porkbelly and files off to space]

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