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Joice Mujuru

Joice Runaida Mujuru (née Mugari; born 15 April 1955), also known by her nom-de-guerre Teurai Ropa, is a Zimbabwean revolutionary and politician who served as Vice-President of Zimbabwe from 2004 to 2014. Previously she had served as a government minister. She also served as Vice-President of ZANU–PF. She was married to Solomon Mujuru until his death in 2011 and was long considered a potential successor to President Robert Mugabe, but in 2014 she was denounced for allegedly plotting against Mugabe. As a result of the accusations against her, Mujuru lost both her post as Vice-President and her position in the party leadership. She was expelled from the party a few months later, after which she formed the new Zimbabwe People First party.


  • She can actually give me advice on how to overcome the challenges. Do not hate anyone even at church. You should not have a permanent enemy even in politics. Do not be weighed down by hate and jealousy.

Quotes about Joice Mujuru[edit]

  • Mujuru’s role in Zimbabwe’s independence fight has added to her cachet. She joined that battle in the 1970s, before she had even completed secondary school. Efforts to overthrow the Rhodesian government included guerrilla tactics. According to some reports, her nickname during that era was Teurai Ropa, which in Shona means Spill Blood. When former President Robert Mugabe became Zimbabwe’s leader in 1980, Mujuru was a key figure in his administration.

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