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Joker Xue (simplified Chinese: 薛之谦; traditional Chinese: 薛之謙; pinyin: Xue Zhiqian, born 17 July 1983) is a Chinese singer-songwriter and record producer.


  • If I weren't doing music, I wouldn't want to do anything else. I think I would always be doing music for my entire life. Unless one day, when I feel I can't write any more good songs, I will disappear. But right now, it would be too difficult for me to leave music. I got very excited whenever I write good song lyrics, I just go ..."Wha-!" I get especially excited whenever I write something good. I get so happy that I would even wake people up for it. I would shake my father like this and tell him to take a look at my lyrics, because he likes to hear my work too.
  • If I could go back in time, I wouldn't change anything. To me, everything I've done for my music in the past are important lessons to learn from. I know that I didn't deserve to achieve fame in the beginning of my career, because my earlier albums were not good at all. I admit that my earlier works cannot be compared to other singers at all. Of course I would lose to them. Personally, I think that your product determines your success. Okay, I'm 35 this year, and I could be writng till I'm 50. But If I cannot write anymore good songs when I turn 40, I wowuld probably just quit and be a hermit. I would probably be very devastated while hiding at home, but I don't want to write lousy songs. Personally, I think that an "expiry date" for an artist is determined not by others, but by the artist. Only the artist can cause his own career to end.
  • You can still listen to my songs from 10 years ago but if you're comparing them to my music today, you'd think they're lousy-at least I think so. There's a good reason why they weren't popular back then. I'm not a particularly gifted singer or songwriter but I like to think I'm hardworking, and listeners can tell the progress I've made over my recent albums. I think my biggest change is my understanding towards music and my taste in it.
    • Interview for SANDS Style Magazine

Song lyrics[edit]

Translated from original Chinese lyrics written by Joker Xue.

  • But you loved me so once, why act out the details
    Not appearing to care is my last performance.
  • Like the wind
    Even the clouds descend when you are near
    You conjure a thousand layers of waves
    I don't even hide but venture in.

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