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Joko Widodo in 2019

Joko Widodo (born 21 June 1961) is a Indonesian politician, serving since 20 October 2014 as the 7th and current President of Indonesia.


  • A lot of investors (last time), when they come to Indonesia, they complain about labor law, tax and business permit. Now there aren't many complaints because we've what we call the online single submission. Before, if you applied for a business permit, you would need 6 months, 8 months or more than one year. Now it takes no more than 3 hours for 9 business permits with online single submission.
  • Indonesia democracy is maturing. Our democracy grants us (inaudible), the freedom of speech. By the way, freedom of the speech is also guaranteed. Indeed, our media and social media have been instrumental in exposing corruption and demanding (inaudible) from our government officials. Our democracy’s public participation is every aspect of our lives. Only in a democracy the people are free to choose their leaders. Without democracy there is no President Joko Widodo.
  • Development in the South China Sea also captures our attention. Tensions in the area must be diffused through peaceful means, especially based on (inaudible). Indonesia is not a party to the dispute, but we have legitimate interest in peace and stability there. That is why we call all parties to exercise restraint and refrain from taking action that could undermine trust and confidence, and put at risk the peace and stability of the region. We need to talk closely to ensure good order at sea, prevent incidents, and ensure freedom of navigation.

James Castle: Do you have any advice as to how the private sector, both domestic in Indonesia, and internationally, particularly America, can play a more constructive role in Indonesia’s infrastructure program? What are some of the reasons that it’s been slow? Do you still believe in public/private partnerships? Thank you very much.
Joko Widodo: Thank you....I want to test my minister. Please answer the question...But don’t speak longer than my speech.

David Merrill: As you seek ways to strengthen the U.S./Indonesian, or I should say Indonesia/U.S. strategic partnership over the next five years what role do you see for the greater participation by civil society groups in both countries? Thank you.
Joko Widodo: I want to test again my minister, foreign minister. Please answer.

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