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Jonathan Mitchell, 2015

Jonathan Mitchell (born September 7, 1955) is an American autistic author and blogger who advocates for a cure for autism. He is a controversial figure among autistic bloggers because of his opposition to the neurodiversity movement, his view of autism as a disability, and his desire for a cure.



Undiagnosing Gates, Jefferson and Einstein


Quoted in Baker, Anthony. "Autism and representation"

  • Worst of all, it [speculation of notable figures] provides fodder for the special educators, special education attorneys, ABA therapists etc. to legitimize their profits and to encourage the false hope and tears for toasted snow that so many parents of these children have.

Neurodiversity: Just Say No


Quoted in "The Autism Rights Movement" New York Magazine (25 May 2008) Available Online

  • Most persons with an autism-spectrum disorder have never expressed their opinions on someone’s blog and never will. The neurodiverse often reach a vulnerable audience, as many persons on the spectrum have low self-esteem. Neurodiversity provides a tempting escape valve.

Shortage Of Brain Tissue Hinders Autism Research


"Shortage Of Brain Tissue Hinders Autism Research" NPR (4 February 2013) Available Online

  • It's [Autism has] prevented me from making a living or ever having a girlfriend. It's given me bad fine motor coordination problems where I can hardly write. I have an impaired ability to relate to people. I can't concentrate or get things done.
  • But then I got fired from so many jobs, I ended up retiring and being supported by my parents.

Autism: Still Waiting


"Autism: Still Waiting" Los Angeles Magazine (1 September 2010) Available Online

  • On my blog I attempt to dispute these notions by pointing out their failure to consider the long-term effects of autism on high-functioning autistics such as myself—let alone what should be done for the low-functioning autistics who cannot speak, or the “headbangers.”
  • But [not accomplishing] that does not stop me from wishing for a cure for future generations of children so they will not have to live like I have.

The Debate Over an Autism Cure Turns Hostile


"The Debate Over an Autism Cure Turns Hostile" Newsweek (18 February 2015) Available Online

  • Hopefully on my tombstone they will write, "We don't need no stinkin’ neurodiversity".
  • Usually, I was aware that other kids were bullying me, except occasionally when some girls in junior high… pretended to flirt with me and for a while. I did not understand they were making fun of me.
  • One girl said I was like a Jew that sympathized with Nazis and I would gladly jump into [a] crematorium.

American Normal: The Hidden World of Asperger Syndrome


Quoted in Osborne, Lawrence. "American Normal: The Hidden World of Asperger Syndrome"

  • Twiddling is one of my autistic things. I do it to calm me down. I twiddle frantically for a while, and I fantasize about all kinds of things while I twiddle.
  • I don't have a visual imagination. Please, that trivializes my suffering. She [Temple Grandin] blows her own horn all the time.
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