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Either we will sink into a final coma and end it all or, as I trust and believe, we will awaken to the truth of our peril...and rise up to cleanse the earth of nuclear weapons.

Jonathan Edward Schell (August 21, 1943 – March 25, 2014) was an author and visiting fellow at Yale University, whose work primarily deals with campaigning against nuclear weapons.


  • What happened at Hiroshima was less than a millionth part of a holocaust at present levels of world nuclear armament.
    • In The Fate of the Earth.
  • The Hiroshima people’s experience, is a picture of what our whole world is always poised to become, a backdrop of scarcely imaginable horror lying just behind the surface of our normal life, and capable of breaking through into that normal life at any second.”—The New Yorker, February 1, 1982.

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