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Jonny's Golden Quest is an animated television movie produced by Hanna-Barbera in 1992, and originally aired on USA Network on April 4, 1993. It is a follow-up to the 1964-65 Jonny Quest cartoon series, and its 1986 revival The New Adventures of Jonny Quest from The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera.

Jonny Quest[edit]

  • No!
  • Bulls-eye!
  • Zin! Is my mother there?! is she still alive?!
  • You'll pay for my mother's death, Zin.
  • Let my father go, Zin.

Dr. Benton Quest[edit]

  • Excellent time, Race.
  • I...can't.
  • You're a madman, Zin!

Rachel Quest[edit]


Race Bannon[edit]

  • You won't get away with this, Jonny.
  • Game's over, Jonny.
  • Thanks, Dr. Quest.
  • Ha ha! It takes more than a few magic tricks to beat an I-One agent, Hadji.
  • Easy, Jonny, it's just a workout.

Jade Kenyon[edit]

Jessie Kenyon[edit]

Dr. Zin[edit]


  • You know the drill? Get going!
  • Let...these...people goooo.
  • But THIS, when I will finish them off with my bare hands.
  • No more tricks, boy!

Dr. Victor Devlon[edit]

  • What? Get away from me!
  • Dr. Zin, please. Here's your gold formula. I'll come back and work for you! Please, show mercy!


Dr. Zin: I love it when the plan comes together, and you all did what I wanted, so well. [Zin cackles as Jade walks to Race, who was feeling hurt and betrayed]
Jade Kenyon: Race...
Race Bannon: [stops Jade talking for a moment] Nothing you should say will make up for what you've done, Jade.
Jade Kenyon: I'm not working for Zin!
Dr. Zin: [walks up to Jade and Race with the gun he is still holding] Silence!

Hadji: A thousand pardons, but I have the last request. [taking off the red stone off his turban and holding it to Snipe as it glows and sparkles] Please, gaze upon this stone.
Snipe:: What's so special about--? [seemingly falls under Hadji's hypnotizing spell]
Hadji: Deeply. Gaze deeply, and do as I command. You must let these people go.
Snipe: [as he pretends to be hypnotized] Let...these...people goooo. [Snipe then lets out a maniacal laughter before grabbing Hadji] But THIS, when I will finish them off with my bare hands. [He throws Hadji back to the ground, preparing to kill him, the rest of the Quest Team, Jade and Jessie.] No more tricks, boy!
Hadji: Sim Sim Salabim!

Dr. Zin:: [grabs Dr. Quest and prepares to shoot him in the head with a gun] The game's over.
Jonny Quest: Let my father go, Zin.
Dr. Zin: Or what, boy?
Dr. Benton Quest: Shoot, Jonny! [as Jonny looked up at his father's face with a concerned face] Jonny, shoot!

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