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Jonny_Quest is an American science fiction/adventure animated television series created by Hanna-Barbera animation studio about a boy who accompanies his father on extraordinary adventures. The original series ran on ABC in prime time for one season 1964-1965. The main characters for the series were Dr. Quest, government agent Race Bannon, Jonny, and his friend Hadji, plus an assortment of villains, including the main recurring villain for the series, Dr. Zin.


"One thing’s for sure."

"What do you make of it?"

"They must not escape."

"We’ve gotta get out of here and fast."

"No, you fools!"

Jonny: "Be careful, Dad!"

Mystery of the Lizard Men[edit]

Agent 1: Is our man Race Bannon still assigned to guard the Doctor’s boy?
Agent 2: 24 hours a day as tutor, companion, and all around watchdog. You see, since Jonny lost his mother, the government is taking no chances with the boy’s security.
Agent 1: Security?
Agent 2: Yes, you see if Jonny fell into the hands of enemy agents, Dr. Quest’s usefulness to science would be seriously impaired.

Race Bannon: Uh-oh, what’s this? Big footprints. Either it’s a king-sized duck or we’re not the only ones on this ship.

The Curse of Anubis[edit]

Karim: This small, shall we say, ‘tomb away from tomb’ is a trap, Dr Quest!
Dr.Quest: Get to the point!
Karim: Heh heh heh. You and Mr. Bannon will be found here with the god Anubis, and it will appear to be a foreign plot to steal one of our ancient treasures.
Race Bannon: What makes you think we’ll sit still for your crackpot accusation?

Karim: You will find these little vipers extremely helpful.
Bannon: Oh yeah? How?
Karim: They will help keep your mind off your other problems.
Bannon: Yeah, thanks a heap!

Karim: Silence the animal!
Jonny: Don’t you shoot at my dog!

Pursuit of the Po-Ho[edit]

Dr. Quest:Now, now Trina, keep your courage up. The Pohos usually hold their captives for the fire or water god ceremonies. There’s every chance we’ll get there in time if we leave at once!

Hadji: Do you think it will work?
Bannon: I hope so, Hadji!

Bannon: You savages better lay off, or I’ll take your village apart stick by stick!

Emil Hartmann:When the moon is right, hot coals are poured in on the victims. The god Ranio is supposed to watch over their fires till the next full moon.
Dr. Quest:Charming thought. But we’re not cooked yet. Race is out there working on something.

Emil Hartmann:I’m afraid our friend Race is going to be god of the water for quite some time.
Dr. Quest:Oh, how come?
Emil Hartmann:Because the dye from those purple berries will not wash off, it must wear off!
Dr. Quest:And how long does that take?
Emil Hartmann:At least three weeks!
Bannon:Three weeks! Oh nooooo!

Riddle of the Gold[edit]

Agent:He’s been mixed up in gun running, smuggling, the works.
Bannon:Anything for a fast rupee, huh?

Kasim:There is room for only one richest, most powerful man in the world. And that is Dr Zin!

Dr. Quest:Now observe what happens when I apply this same acid to the Maharaja’s gold.
Agent:How about that! The gold is disintegrating!
Dr. Quest:Not gold, Zanium!
Dr. Quest:Well, very little is known about the metal. To my knowledge, hardly a thimble-full has ever been obtained.

Dr. Quest:There is another mind clever enough and diabolical enough to execute a scheme of this magnitude.
Bannon:You mean our old friend?
Dr. Quest:Yes, Race, Dr. Zin.

Professor Gunderson:Oooh, if Dr. Quest is here, he is in grave danger. These people are ruthless!
Kasim:As usual, professor, you are correct. I regret you are so inquisitive, boys. Now I cannot permit you to leave.
Jonny:Oh, we’re not afraid! Just wait till Dad and Race get here!
Kasim:Exactly. Since he survived the tiger hunt, Dr. Quest's next move should be to come here, looking for you!

Dr. Zin:I am almost sorry the game is over. Dr Quest has been a most worthy adversary.
Dr. Quest:It would seem that prematureness is one of your failings, Kasim.
Kasim:Dr Quest! You are still alive!
Dr. Zin:Kasim! You have blundered again!

Treasure of the Temple[edit]

Bannon:What do you make of it, Doctor?
Dr. Quest:He’s being punished for something. ‘Who did this... to you?’
Bannon:I don’t think you’re getting through to him.
Dr. Quest:We are friends. We you. Who ...did... this?

Dr. Quest:There’s no use kidding ourselves. There’s danger all around here.

Treasure Hunter:Dr Quest, eh? I’ve heard of you! American Secret Service, eh?
Dr. Quest:I’ve done work for them. But I’m a scientist, I’m here on an archaeological mission sponsored by this government.

Dr. Quest:Look! A giant cave spider! They’re deadly poisonous!

Calcutta Adventure[edit]

Plant worker:We are coming close to perfecting the nerve gas formula! The master will be pleased!

Bannon:That’s our cue to scram! Let’s go!

Dr. Quest:Well that’s that! The installation is destroyed!

Robot Spy[edit]

Dr. Zin:Dr. Quest is taking the bait, just as I wanted.
Servant:Your food, Dr. Zin.
Dr. Zin:You brainless fool! If you ever come in here again without knocking, I'll have you flogged! Now GET OUT!

Dr. Zin:An electronic, uh...spy.
Dr. Quest:Spy?
Bannon:The trojan horse routine!
Dr. Zin:Correct! Once inside your laboratory, it gathers information through these antennae and stores it in a memory bank and brings it back to me.
Dr. Quest:Very ingenious! Congratulations!

Dr. Quest:Guard! Get tanks, flame throwers, anything! That thing must be stopped!

Dr. Quest:We haven’t a second to lose so you boys stay clear!
Hadji:Yes, Dr. Quest.

Dr. Quest:It needs more work and more testing.

Dr. Zin:We will meet again...soon, Dr Quest, very soon, I promise you!
Dr. Quest:And we’ll be ready for you, Zin, you can bet on that!

Double Danger[edit]

Dr. Zin: I want that formula!
Korchek: Yes, Doctor.
Dr. Zin:An increase in the dosage and your space crew becomes totally without will, puppets as it were. Interesting?
Korchek:Very interesting, Dr Zin!
Dr. Zin:Such pills dropped in the water supply of a major city...would reduce the inhabitants to a flock of sheep awaiting instructions.
Korchek:Oooh, a brilliant plan, Dr Zin.
Dr. Zin:I have a brilliant opponent in Dr Quest. But this time I shall win!

Korchek:For the last time, Doctor, where is the formula?
Dr. Quest:The one place you can’t get my head!

The Dreadful Doll[edit]

Phillipe:Yes, Dr. Quest, first they sent a warning. Then the Suga Doll. Korbay, for years a worthless man. Suddenly overnight, this Korbay has acquired these voodoo powers.
Dr. Quest:What’s behind all this?

Dr. Quest:This is no spell, Phillipe. Your daughter’s been drugged. I’ll go back to the boat and check my books. Perhaps I can prepare an antidote. In the meantime, watch her closely so no more harm can be done!

Jonny:What do you make of it, Dad?
Dr. Quest:I'm not sure, Jonny, All I know is someone is using a drug to cast what the natives think is a voodoo spell, and I’ve got to find the antidote.
Bannon:Do you think this kook Korbay could give us some answers?
Dr. Quest:I’m sure he could.

Korbay:Voodoo strong medicine! You cannot stop it!
Dr. Quest:I have already stopped it, Korbay!
Korbay:Cannot stop voodoo! In na nay ya – voo doo dan na!
Dr. Quest:I don’t believe in voodoo, Korbay, especially yours! I’ve come to prove it. Alvaro? You see? Your voodoo did not affect Alvaro.
Korbay:My voodoo still strong!
Dr. Quest:No, Korbay. I have returned Alvaro to consciousness. I know about your little darts dipped in a drug. You’re a fake!
Korbay:No one will believe you. They fear Korbay and the voodoo!
Dr. Quest:They will not fear when I tell them what you have done. Those you have put to sleep, their families. They will kill you when the truth is known.
Korbay:What do you want?
Dr. Quest:There will be no more voodoo drums, no more trances. You will tell me what is behind all this.

Bannon:What are you building?
Hardin:Take a look. I’m being paid a lot of dough to build a secret sub and arms base.

Korbay:What about the two small ones?
Hardin:Don’t worry, I’ll shut them up too!

Denise:Oh, you are both so wonderful, so brave. And I am going to let you each, kiss me! What is the matter? Are you afraid to kiss me?
Bannon:I'm afraid you’ll have to wait about ten years for them to have that kind of courage, Denise!
Jonny:Yeah, see you in about ten years, Denise!
Hadji:It's a date!

A Small Matter of Pygmies[edit]

Bannon:Freeze, boys. One move and they’ll make pin cushions out of us.

Jonny:What do you think they’ll do to us, Race?
Bannon:I dunno, Jonny, but don’t show any fear.

Hadji:Look, they’re worshiping the airplane!
Bannon:Yeah, but they’re too far away to see us. Hadji, can you still do that levitation trick you learned in India?
Hadji:I...I think so!
Bannon:Then now’s the time!
Hadji:But who?
Bannon:The head man there!
Hadji:It’s been a long time, but I’ll try! Sim, Sim, Salabeem!

Dr. Quest:It’s a form letter from the African geological society, asking me if I would be interested in participating in a round table discussion. ...on the following subject: You ready?
Bannon:Fire away.
Dr. Quest:Are Pygmies warm and friendly people, yes or no? Heh.
Bannon:Pygmies friendly?

Dragons of Ashida[edit]

Jonny:Ashida, he’s the guy you came to see, isn’t he Dad?
Dr. Quest:Hardly a "guy” Jonny. Dr. Ashida is a most respected scientist.
Bannon:He’s quite well known for his zoological work, isn’t he, sir?
Dr. Quest:Very well known. It’s all right, we’ll go ashore.

Hadji: I do not believe it, Jonny! He is like the cyclops of old!

Ashida:It’s all in the interest of science, anyway. Haha hahaha!
Dr. Quest:I don’t happen to approve of this, Dr. Ashida. Let’s go -- Race, boys.
Ashida::Very well, If your western stomachs cannot stand it, we shall postpone the duel. Sumi!

Ashida:It is too bad you do not understand our way of fighting, Quest, my friend.
Bannon:I understand it, Dr. Ashida.
Ashida:Really? Then let’s have a match! But I warn you, I am most expert.
Bannon:You’re not serious, are ya? I outweigh you by twenty pounds!
Ashida:Ah, bigness means very little in judo, Mr Bannon. It will be interesting to have an opponent other than Sumi. Prepare yourself, Bannon!

Bannon:Those lizards make good watchdogs, don’t they, Ashida?
Ashida:Ah, you notice that, Mr. Bannon? How complimentary of you. Yes, Sumi releases a dozen or so each night. It insures a sound sleep for me. In short, you will leave when I give the word – and not before!
Bannon:You don’t fool us. You couldn’t take getting beaten at judo, could you?
Ashida:I would not talk of beating if I were you, my barbarian friend. I will make you a sporting proposition, Quest. If your man, Bannon, can stand up to my Sumi, then you may leave.
Bannon:Me and that portable skyscraper? I bet you want odds, too.
Ashida:Ah, no Bannon, I am a true sportsman. Defeat Sumi, and you win your freedom.
Bannon:You got yourself a fight.
Dr. Quest:No, Race, I can’t allow it!
Bannon:What other choice have we, Doctor? Alright, Ashida, bring on your man-mountain anytime.

Ashida:I want that look of superiority wiped off their faces.

Jonny:Gosh, Race looks unconscious!
Ashida:Ah HAHAHA!

Bannon:C’mon, you ugly mug! Stop lying down on the job!

Jonny:Wow, A flying tackle!
Hadji: Hold on to him, Race!
Ashida:He will never surrender! He knows what would happen to him if he did!

Bannon:Hey! Over here, fatso!

Turu The Terrible[edit]

Dr. Quest:This sample proves it! There IS trinoxyte somewhere near here.
Dr. Quest:Yes, a new metal, and absolutely essential to the space program!
Bannon:Where does it come from?
Dr. Quest:Right around here somewhere. Take a look! There are many trinoxyte mines in the world but none half as pure as this sample assays.

Skipper:It’s dark alright, but it isn’t too mysterious. Bad crocodile country comin' up pretty soon.
Bannon:Crocs won’t attack a boat, will they skipper? I’ve never heard of it.
Skipper:Mister, you haven’t seen crocs until you’ve seen these. They’ll attack anything if they’re angry enough! Just keep your eyes peeled is all.

Jonny:Look, Hadji!
Jonny:They’re heading for the boat!
Hadji:Over here, too, look!
Jonny:Dad! Crocodiles, a whole bunch of ‘em. Big ones!
Dr. Quest:I see, Jonny. Grab guns, everybody!

(Blam blam blam)

Skipper:Let em 'ave it, keep shootin'!

Dr. Quest:Look, that’s it.
Bannon:It’s can’t be!
Dr. Quest:It can’t be, but it is!
Bannon:It’s a man!
Dr. Quest:A man -- and a pteranodon!

Bannon:Doctor, look out!
Dr. Quest:He’s got me, race! Use the bazooka!
Bannon:This has to work!


Bannon:Wow, you dropped him! Use your rocket belt, Doctor!

Dr. Quest:So that’s it, huh? He made slaves of you and killed others. And all for what he thought was silver.
Dr. Quest:That’s right, this isn’t silver. It’s the purest trinoxyte ore I’ve ever seen. This find will save us years in the space race.
Bannon:What about this character in a wheelchair?
Dr. Quest:Well, obviously he belongs in an institution.
Bannon:And the pteranodon?
Dr. Quest:I’d love to capture him, but I’m afraid it’s him or us!

Bannon:OK, fellas, it’s all over.
Dr. Quest:You are all free. So head for home, and your families.

(Happy mumbles)

Bannon: Well, there’s a real happy group!
Dr. Quest:Makes you feel kind of good!

Dr. Quest:Believe me, I’ve got a lot more respect for the prehistoric man.

The Fraudulent Volcano[edit]

Jonny:Boy, that worked great, Dad.
Dr. Quest:Thanks, son. Now you know bombs can be useful, too.

Simon One:We have completed series two of our volcano explosion.
Dr. Zin:And the results?
Simon One:One zero zero. Perfect shots!
Dr. Zin:Good, very good! Ha ha ha. After your final tests, this new destructive force will be made available to those who can pay...and they will!
Simon One:There is just one thing, Dr. Zin. Dr Quest has arrived on the island.
Dr. Zin:Dr Quest. Are you sure?
Simon One:Yes, Dr. Zin! They plan to fly over the crater tomorrow.
Dr. Zin:Well, stop them! Stop them, do you hear?
Simon One:Yes, Dr. Zin.
Dr. Zin:You have ways! Use them!
Simon One:Yes, Dr, Zin.
Dr. Zin:That is all!

(flying their plane)

Bannon:What was that?
Dr. Quest:An invisible ray! Obviously some kind of electronic beam! Take evasive action!
Bannon:Uh-oh, they’ve got us zeroed in!
Simon:Increase power to one-zero-three. Hold on target. Fire!
Bannon:I’m afraid that one did it, Doctor! Fasten your seat belt!

(Jonny and Hadji on the ground)

Jonny:They’re on fire, Hadji!
Bannon:It’s no use, Doctor! The controls are frozen!
Dr. Quest:We’ll have to bail out!
Hadji:Look, parachutes!
Jonny:Wow, they jumped! Yippee!

Dr. Zin:When will you realize I do not care for your interference?
Dr. Quest:If I was fortunate enough to interfere with any of your diabolical schemes, it was a pleasure.
Dr. Zin:What I have in mind for you and Race Bannon will not be a pleasure.
Bannon:Please, don’t go to any trouble!
Dr. Zin:Have you wondered what we do here?
Dr. Quest:Naturally.
Dr. Zin:We are in the final stages of creating the greatest destructive force known to man. It will be made available to any country or individual that can pay.
Dr. Quest:That’s madness!
Dr. Zin:And I have planned an exquisite end for you.

Bannon:Well, that’s the end of the volcano.
Dr. Quest:But you can bet it’s not the end of Dr. Zin!
Bannon:And if I know Zin, we’ll be meeting him again.
Dr. Quest:And if we do, let’s hope we can spoil his game again.
Jonny:We’re with you, Dad!
Bandit:Arf Arf arf!
Dr. Quest:That makes it unanimous!

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