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Jonny Quest (1964-1965) is an American science fiction/adventure animated television series created by Hanna-Barbera animation studio about a boy who accompanies his father on extraordinary adventures.

Season 1[edit]

The Mystery of the Lizard Men [1.1][edit]

Roberts: Is our man Race Bannon still assigned to guard the Doctor's boy?
Mr. Corvin: 24 hours a day as tutor, companion, and all around watchdog. You see, since Jonny lost his mother, the government is taking no chances with the boy's security.
Roberts: Security?
Mr. Corvin: Yes, you see if Jonny fell into the hands of enemy agents, Dr. Quest's usefulness to science would be seriously impaired.

Race Bannon: Uh-oh, what's this? Big footprints. Either it's a king-sized duck or we're not the only ones on this ship.

Arctic Splashdown [1.2][edit]

The Curse of Anubis [1.3][edit]

Karim: This small, shall we say, ‘tomb away from tomb' is a trap, Dr Quest!
Dr.Quest: Get to the point!
Karim: Heh heh heh. You and Mr. Bannon will be found here with the god Anubis, and it will appear to be a foreign plot to steal one of our ancient treasures. This is the thing that will trigger that unity! We will become a great nation again!
Race Bannon: What makes you think we'll sit still for your crackpot accusation?

Karim: You will find these little vipers extremely helpful.
Bannon: Oh yeah? How?
Karim: They will help keep your mind off your other problems.
Bannon: Yeah, thanks a heap!

Karim: Silence the animal! [shoots his gun at Bandit, but Bandit successfully gets out of the way of the bullets]
Jonny: Don't you shoot at my dog!

Pursuit of the Po-Ho [1.4][edit]

Dr. Quest: Now, now Trina, keep your courage up. The Pohos usually hold their captives for the fire or water god ceremonies. There's every chance we'll get there in time if we leave at once!

Emil Hartmann: When the moon is right, hot coals are poured in on the victims. The god Ranio is supposed to watch over their fires till the next full moon.
Dr. Quest: Charming thought. But we're not cooked yet. Race is out there working on something.

Emil Hartmann: I'm afraid our friend Race is going to be god of the water for quite some time.
Dr. Quest: Oh, how come?
Emil Hartmann: Because the dye from those purple berries will not WASH off, it must WEAR off!
Dr. Quest: And how long does that take?
Emil Hartmann: At least three weeks!
Bannon: Three weeks! Oh NOOOOO!

Riddle of the Gold [1.5][edit]

Kasim: There is room for only one richest, most powerful man in the world. And that is Dr Zin!

Dr. Quest: There is another mind clever enough and diabolical enough to execute a scheme of this magnitude.
Bannon: You mean our old friend?
Dr. Quest: Yes, Race, Dr. Zin.

Professor Gunderson: Oooh, if Dr. Quest is here, he is in grave danger. These people are ruthless!
Kasim: As usual, professor, you are correct. I regret you are so inquisitive, boys. Now I cannot permit you to leave.
Jonny: Oh, we're not afraid! Just wait till Dad and Race get here!
Kasim: Exactly. Since he survived the tiger hunt, Dr. Quest's next move should be to come here, looking for you!

Treasure of the Temple [1.6][edit]

Bannon: What do you make of it, Doctor?
Dr. Quest: He's being punished for something. ‘Who did this... to you?'
Bannon: I don't think you're getting through to him.
Dr. Quest: We are friends. We you. Who ...did... this?

Dr. Quest: Look! A giant cave spider! They're deadly poisonous!

Calcutta Adventure [1.7][edit]

Plant worker: We are coming close to perfecting the nerve gas formula! The master will be pleased!

Dr. Quest: Well that's that! The installation is destroyed!

Robot Spy [1.8][edit]

Dr. Zin: Dr. Quest is taking the bait, just as I wanted.
Servant: Your food, Dr. Zin.
Dr. Zin: You brainless fool! If you ever come in here again without knocking, I'll have you flogged! Now GET OUT!

Dr. Quest: Guard! Get tanks, flame throwers, anything! That thing must be stopped!

Dr. Zin: We will meet again...soon, Dr Quest, very soon, I promise you!
Dr. Quest: And we'll be ready for you, Zin, you can bet on that!

Double Danger [1.9][edit]

Dr. Zin: I want that formula!
Korchek: Yes, Doctor.
Dr. Zin: An increase in the dosage and your space crew becomes totally without will, puppets as it were. Interesting?
Korchek: Very interesting, Dr Zin!
Dr. Zin: Such pills dropped in the water supply of a major city...would reduce the inhabitants to a flock of sheep awaiting instructions.
Korchek: Ooh, a brilliant plan, Dr Zin!
Dr. Zin: I have a brilliant opponent in Dr Quest. But this time I shall win!

Korchek: For the last time, Doctor, where is the formula?
Dr. Quest: The one place you can't get my head!

Bannon: Jade, how'd you know Korchek was a phony?
Jade: There's only one Race Bannon.

Shadow of the Condor [1.10][edit]

Bannon: I wouldn't expect to see two planes like THAT up here.
Baron Heinrich Von Freulich: Mementos of the past. I fly them very little anymore.
Dr. Quest: You've kept them in fine shape, Baron.
Baron Heinrich Von Freulich: How else would a man treat his memories, Dr. Quest?

Skull and Double Crossbones [1.11][edit]

The Dreadful Doll [1.12][edit]

Phillipe: Yes, Dr. Quest, first they sent a warning. Then the Suga Doll. Korbay, for years a worthless man. Suddenly overnight, this Korbay has acquired these voodoo powers.
Dr. Quest: What's behind all this?

Dr. Quest: This is no spell, Phillipe. Your daughter's been drugged. I'll go back to the boat and check my books. Perhaps I can prepare an antidote. In the meantime, watch her closely so no more harm can be done!

Denise: Oh, you are both so wonderful, so brave. And I am going to let you each, kiss me! What is the matter? Are you afraid to kiss me?
Bannon: I'm afraid you'll have to wait about ten years for them to have that kind of courage, Denise!
Jonny: Yeah, see you in about ten years, Denise!
Hadji: It's a date!

A Small Matter of Pygmies [1.13][edit]

Bannon: Freeze, boys. One move and they'll make pin cushions out of us.

Dr. Quest: It's a form letter from the African geological society, asking me if I would be interested in participating in a round table discussion. ...on the following subject: You ready?
Bannon: Fire away.
Dr. Quest: Are Pygmies warm and friendly people, yes or no? Heh.
Bannon: Pygmies friendly?
All: NO!

Dragons of Ashida [1.14][edit]

Ashida: It's all in the interest of science, anyway. Haha hahaha!
Dr. Quest: I don't happen to approve of this, Dr. Ashida. Let's go - Race, boys.
Ashida: Very well, If your western stomachs cannot stand it, we shall postpone the duel. Sumi!

Ashida: It is too bad you do not understand our way of fighting, Quest, my friend.
Bannon: I understand it, Dr. Ashida.
Ashida: Really? Then let's have a match! But I warn you, I am most expert.
Bannon: You're not serious, are ya? I outweigh you by twenty pounds!
Ashida: Ah, bigness means very little in judo, Mr Bannon. It will be interesting to have an opponent other than Sumi. Prepare yourself, Bannon!

Ashida: I want that look of superiority wiped off their faces.

Turu The Terrible [1.15][edit]

Skipper: It's dark alright, but it isn't too mysterious. Bad crocodile country comin' up pretty soon.
Bannon: Crocs won't attack a boat, will they skipper? I've never heard of it.
Skipper: Mister, you haven't seen crocs until you've seen these. They'll attack anything if they're angry enough! Just keep your eyes peeled is all.

Dr. Quest: So that's it, huh? He made slaves of you and killed others. And all for what he thought was silver.
Bannon: Thought?
Dr. Quest: That's right, this isn't silver. It's the purest trinoxyte ore I've ever seen. This find will save us years in the space race.
Bannon: What about this character in a wheelchair?
Dr. Quest: Well, obviously he belongs in an institution.
Bannon: And the pteranodon?
Dr. Quest: I'd love to capture him, but I'm afraid it's HIM or US!

Dr. Quest: Believe me, I've got a lot more respect for the prehistoric man.

The Fraudulent Volcano [1.16][edit]

Dr. Zin: When will you realize I do not care for your interference?
Dr. Quest: If I was fortunate enough to interfere with any of your diabolical schemes, it was a pleasure.
Dr. Zin: What I have in mind for you and Race Bannon will not be a pleasure.
Bannon: Please, don't go to any trouble!
Dr. Zin: Have you wondered what we do here?
Dr. Quest: Naturally.
Dr. Zin: We are in the final stages of creating the greatest destructive force known to man. It will be made available to any country or individual that can pay.
Dr. Quest: That's madness!
Dr. Zin: And I have planned an exquisite END for you.

Bannon: Well, that's the end of the volcano.
Dr. Quest: But you can bet it's not the end of Dr. Zin!
Bannon: And if I know Zin, we'll be meeting him again.
Dr. Quest: And if we do, let's hope we can spoil his game again.
Jonny: We're with you, Dad!
Hadji: Right!
Bandit: Arf Arf arf!
Dr. Quest: That makes it unanimous!

Werewolf of the Timberland [1.17][edit]

Pirates from Below [1.18][edit]

Attack of the Tree People [1.19][edit]

The Invisible Monster [1.20][edit]

Dr. Quest: First, we have to think of a way to make it visible, then we can lay a trap with some equipment I can try to put together - but how to see it?
Jonny: Well, paint it.
Dr. Quest: Huh?
Jonny: Well, paint it, Dad.
Dr. Quest: Jonny, you may have a thought there.

Dr. Quest: I'll make a full report on Dr. Norman's experiment when we get back.
Bannon: His loss will be a serious setback in his field, won't it, Doctor?
Dr. Quest: Yes, but if there's any consolation, what we learn from every setback helps science to move forward.

The Devil's Tower [1.21][edit]

The Quetong Missile Mystery [1.22][edit]

Commissioner Wah: Is he dead.
Dr. Quest: No, not yet. You'd better get him to the hospital.
Commissioner Wah: It would be best if he were to die. If he lives, he will be shot as a traitor.

The House of Seven Gargoyles [1.23][edit]

Jonny: Look! Those spooky monsters!
Dr. Quest: Gargoyles, Jonny. Originally, decorated waterspouts, but a word now applied to all grotesque figures on top of cornices.

Terror Island [1.24][edit]

Informant: Honest, Jade. I got a real bad memory. I can't remember nothin'.
Jade: [offering cash] Will this help your memory?
Informant: Now, that's real strange. It's beginning to come back to me. There WAS a snatch tonight but... I dunno. It's gettin' hazy again.
Jade: [presenting more cash] Perhaps more of this will blow the haze away.
Informant: Yeah, well, it helps. Ah, yeah. Chu Sing Ling.
Jade: What about Chu Sing Ling?
Informant: Well, he... Gee, I think it's gettin' hazy again. [Jade draws a gun] No! It's gettin' clear! Chu Sing Ling is entertaining Dr. Quest at Moitu Island.

Monster in the Monastery [1.25][edit]

The Sea Haunt [1.26][edit]

Charlie: For desert we have fortune cookie.
Jonny: Hey, listen to my fortune: "Be careful of unknown danger."
Hadji: Mine is not much better: "There is great evil abroad tonight."
Jonny: Gee, maybe there IS something to this fortune cookie stuff.


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