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«Paulina Nin disrespected my town.»

Jorge Vargas González (born 8 February 1967) is a Chilean politician, singer, composer, and the mayor of Pichilemu from 1997 to 2007.


  • I always said that it was going to be beautiful that Paulina [Nin] presented me as entertainer and I sang.
    • In La Cuarta, (4 November 2004)
  • If something have demonstrated the elections and the percentage she got (4,41%) is that nobody wanted her here.
    • About Paulina Nin, in La Cuarta (4 November 2004)
  • Paulina Nin disrespected my town.
    • In La Cuarta (4 November 2004)
  • This is made since a long time in Pichilemu, because of that, and the anxiety of our inhabitants we are proposing that these beaches become legal.
    • Vargas on nude beaches in Pichilemu, in Terra (24 December 2002)
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