José Antonio Primo de Rivera

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José Antonio Primo de Rivera

José Antonio Primo de Rivera y Sáenz de Heredia, 3rd Marquis of Estella (April 24, 1903November 20, 1936) was a Spanish politician who was the founder of the Falangism political ideology, which is generally regarded as a form of Fascism.


  • Fascism was born to inspire a faith not of the Right (which at bottom aspires to conserve everything, even injustice) or of the Left (which at bottom aspires to destroy everything, even goodness), but a collective, integral, national faith.
  • Life is not a firework to be let off at the end of a party.
    • Antony Beevor The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 (2006), p. 111.
  • The German is just the opposite. It comes from a romantic faith, from the capacity for divinizing a race. Therefore it is just to assert that Hitlerism is a mystical movement, very consubstantial with German psychology. The Germans can sing in choruses very well... yet all the movements of insubordination, of rebellion in the world, in the Spartacus manner, have come from Germany. Neither can the totalitarian state save us from the invasion of barbarians, all the more because the truly totalitarian state cannot exist"
    • Stanley G. Payne Fascism in Spain, 1923–1977, University of Winscosin Press, p. 156

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