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José José

José José (February 17, 1948 – September 28, 2019) was a Mexican singer, who was referred to as "El Principe de la Canción" (The Prince of Song).


  • Well, I like people a lot. I could define myself as a pacific being, a lover of nature, music and people. The qualities that I admire the most in the human being is the capacity of getting along with its similars in holy peace.[1]
  • What I hate the most in the world is injustice. Unfortunately, there is a lot of injustice in the world. Once we understood the mission that God gave us in this earth that is to sing to love, try to repeat his word, spread his word, because there is no other thing that we do but sing to love, tell people to be happy. Not to hurt each other, hit each other, kill each other.[2]
  • The couples I married, I never chose them, they did.[3]
  • For three years I was immersed in a depression, I did not know how to assimilate the loss of my voice, which was a reality.[4]
  • Those who have had the opportunity to be rescued from an addiction, whatever it is, we are obliged to talk about this and work together to let people know how to get out of it.[5]
  • I was a depressive and self-destructive alcoholic, but I was lucky enough to meet the program of Alcoholics Anonymous and be rescued by it 15 years ago.[6]

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