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José R. Peralta (born 1972) represents District 39 in the New York State Assembly, which is located in Queens, New York and includes Corona, Elmhurst and Jackson Heights. Peralta is a candidate for the New York State Senate, District 13, which includes the Queens neighborhoods of Corona, East Elmhurst, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights and Woodside.


"Now more than ever we need a strong voice in the state Senate and Jose Peralta will be a senator we can be proud of." — United States Congressman Joseph Crowley
  • The Assembly passed a budget that makes the right choices for young students across the state by helping schools avoid cutting essential educational programs, laying off teachers and increasing local property taxes. Without a sound investment in our children and their education, New York would face crumbling school buildings, overcrowded classrooms, and few opportunities to excel.
  • We are here to say that if you are evil enough to threaten the life of a child, if you are evil enough to interfere with their education, and if you are evil enough to place in danger the future of our communities, you ought to be punished in a very special way.

Quotes about Jose Peralta[edit]

  • Peralta has a strong record of advocating for working families in the [Assembly]. Working families can count on him to be a leader in the fight for good jobs, affordable housing and an affordable state.
"[Peralta] has a strong record of supporting immigrants and working people in the community." — The New York Times
  • Jose Peralta has unique legislative experience, having been elected to the New York State Assembly in 2002 and having served in that position since then. He has shown his commitment to economic development initiatives, improvements to the educational system, and enhancing health care. Jose Peralta is also dedicated to public safety and providing first responders the tools and equipment necessary to protect and serve the public.
  • Whether he is championing equal pay, advocating for women's reproductive rights or calling for the creation of a domestic violence task force, women in this community, and throughout New York State, can trust Jose Peralta to do what is right. I proudly endorse Jose for the State Senate.
  • Elected in 2002 to the Assembly, he has a strong record of supporting immigrants and working people in the community. He has a long list of Democratic endorsements, from almost every union and public official who counts. Among the most enthusiastic are women’s groups.

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