Joseph Ti-kang

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Joseph Ti-kang

Joseph Ti-kang (7 May 1928–) is a Taiwanese prelate of the Catholic Church who serves as the archbishop emeritus of Archdiocese of Taipei.


  • My hope is that the spiritual life of both priests and religious in Taiwan be deepened. At present, I think it is too superficial. Really, in spiritual life we, whether diocesan or religious, are not up to the mark. There is no clear and deep desire to grow day by day in the spiritual life. We are just jogging along with our mediocre routine. Today’s digital culture with all its fascinations may be a reason for this general defect. As a young man in Europe, I witnessed how the faithful in general liked religious clergy more than diocesan clergy. The reason was that religious clergy appeared to them as more fervent than diocesan clergy. Now, I think that, unfortunately, also religious clergy has come down to our level of lukewarm diocesan clergy.

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