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Joseph Trapp (1679 – 1747) was an English clergyman, academic, poet and pamphleteer.


  • Arms and the man I sing who first from Troy
    Came to the Italian and Lavinian shores,
    Exiled by fate; much tossed on land and sea
    By power divine and cruel Juno's rage;
    Much too in war he suffered, till he reared
    A city and to Latium brought his gods:
    Whence sprung the Latin progeny, the kings
    Of Alba, and the walls of towering Rome.
    • The Æneis of Virgil (1718)

Quotes about Trapp[edit]

  • Better than Virgil? Yes—perhaps—
    But then, by Jove, 'tis Dr. Trapp's!
    • "Epigram of a contemporary wit, on being told that a certain nobleman wrote verses which were better than Virgil", as reported and quoted in Blackwood's Magazine, Vol. CI (January 1867), p. 37.

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