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The Joshua Project is a Christian organization based in Colorado Springs, United States, which seeks to coordinate the work of missionary organizations to track the ethnic groups of the world with the fewest followers of evangelical Christianity. To do so, it maintains ethnologic data to support Christian missions. It also tracks evangelism efforts among 17,000 people groups worldwide, to identify non-Christian people groups.


  • Martyrs continue to be glorified today. The notorious Joshua Project, based in Denver, Colorado, is a multi-billion-dollar global organization which has the conversion of all humanity to Christianity as its stated aim. In the use of controversial tactics, the end would seem to justify the means. One such tactic is to publicize widely a list of martyrs from the earliest Christian times to the present. The lists are systematically organized by country and district. One can go to the Joshua Project's database and find names of alleged martyrs in any given district of India, a list which is updated continually. This project has become a veritable machine for generating data and misinformation about any and every Christian death that could be blamed on others. In the case of India, the Joshua Project points its finger at Hindus who comprise the dominant faith and are clearly targeted as competitors to overcome. This is particularly ironic given that Hinduism has a reputation for embracing and receiving other faiths, including Christianity.

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