Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959 film)

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A fabulous world below the world

Journey to the Center of the Earth is a 1959 film about a professor and assorted colleagues who follow an explorer's trail down to the earth's center.

Directed by Henry Levin. Written by Walter Reisch and Charles Brackett, based on the novel by Jules Verne.
Based on Jules Verne's fantastic stories of strange adventure...  (taglines)

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook[edit]

  • We'll observe one minute of silence in memory of a great scientist, even if he was a blasted thief.
  • Do you realize we know less about the earth we live on than about the stars and the galaxies of outer space? The greatest mystery is right here, right under our feet!
  • A field of force that snatches gold away! This is it, this is it! The junction of magnetic forces from the North Pole to the South Pole - the center of the earth!
  • This I know: the spirit of Man can not be stopped.

Count Saknussem[edit]

  • I don't sleep. I hate those little slices of death.


Carla Goetabaug: Whom did you intend to take along besides this young man?
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: The big Icelander.
Carla Goetabaug: Then I'll be very useful. He doesn't understand a word of English.

Carla Goetabaug: Someone is walking up there. I heard footsteps, human footsteps.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Madam, since the beginning of time, all women have heard footsteps "up there."

Carla Goetabaug: Poor Sir Oliver, stuck with a woman. If only you could see your face.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: That's my consolation, madam, I don't have to look at it. You do.

Alec McKuen: [after discovering Professor Göteborg dead in his hotel room] Why didn't they tell us at the desk?
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Hotels rarely advertise the fact that there are corpses lying around.

Carla Goetabaug: Sir Oliver, you're not going to listen to a murderer?
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Never interrupt a murderer, madam.
Count Saknussemm: I resent that bourgeois classification. I'll spare your lives. You have my word of honor.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Give me your hand on that. [Sir Oliver throws salt into Count Saknussemm's eyes] A bourgeois trick. So sorry.

Alec McKuen: I wonder if Madam Goetabaug will change her mind at the last moment.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: You make my mouth water.
Alec McKuen: Hans is tying the rope on her.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: I'm a fool. I should have told him to tie her to one of the mules and send her back where she belongs.
Alec McKuen: In what language would you have told him that, Sir Oliver?
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: All right, she may be of some use in that respect. Then there's always the blessed chance the rope may break.

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Your entire presence is a constant criticism of me. I'm tired of it, I've had enough!
Carla Goetabaug: You've had enough! Well, let me tell you, you... you dried up walnut of a man, if anyone's had enough, it's me!
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: It's I.

Alec McKuen: After all, we... we did hit the center of the earth.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: It hit us, laddie.


  • Based on Jules Verne's fantastic stories of strange adventure...
  • A fabulous world below the world


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