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Joyeux Noël is a 2005 film about the Christmas truce of WWI.

Directed and written by Christian Carion.
Without an enemy there can be no war.  (taglines)


Horstmayer: I heard last night about your wife. If you like, I can get a letter through to her.
Lieutenant Audebert: Why would you do that? If you got caught...
Horstmayer: One letter won't stop us winning the war. And anyhow, when we'll have taken Paris and it's over, you can invite us for a drink in Rue Vavin.
Lieutenant Audebert: You don't have to invade Paris to drop round for a drink.

Lieutenant Audebert: The country? What does it know of what we suffer here? Of what we do without complaint? Let me tell you, I felt closer to the Germans than those who cry, "Kill the Krauts!" before their stuffed turkey!
General: You're talking nonsense.
Lieutenant Audebert: No, you're just not living the same war as me. Or as those on the other side.


  • Without an enemy there can be no war.
  • Christmas Eve, 1914. On a World War I battlefield, a Momentous Event changed the lives of soldiers from France, Germany and England.


  • The main point is I wanted the audiences to sympathize equally with the Germans, the French and the Scots. There is no camp. Good guys, bad guys–no, not at all. Only the soldiers on the frontline as well as the people outside of that. The headquarters for each, they don’t understand what happens on the frontline. But the people on the frontline can understand each other because they are living the same life and suffering the same way. That’s why is understandable they would make a Christmas truce. So I wanted the audiences to love them all the same way but to write this wasn’t as evident to me. I had to forget that I am French. I didn’t want to be more or less sympathetic to the French people because I’m French. It was a very subtle balance and I hope I succeeded.


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