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Judge Smith performing "The Climber" in USF Verftet, Bergen, Norway, 9 May 2009.

Christopher John Judge Smith (born July 1948), is an English songwriter, author, composer and performer, and a founder member of progressive rock band Van der Graaf Generator, and collaborator with Peter Hammill.


Song Lyrics[edit]

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  • Been alone so long
    that I've forgotten what to do
    how to make the whole thing right
    and how to help if she's uptight
    and when to run and when to fight...
    how to make her stay the night -
    that's if I ever knew.
    • "Been Alone so Long"
  • Four pails of water and a bagful of salts.
    That is all we are, that is all a man comprises,
    chemicals alone, with no spirit, soul or ghost -
    nothing so bizarre.
    No amount of faith disguises
    what is true is what we fear the most
    • "Four Pails"