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Laughter is a basic human need.

Julia Scarlett Elizabeth Louis-Dreyfus Hall (born 13 January 1961) is an American actress and comedian.


Mark Twain Prize Acceptance Speech (2018)[edit]

  • As a great fan of the work of Mark Twain, I was so sorry when I recently learned he was dead. My thoughts and prayers go out to the whole Twain family. Especially the wonderful Shania.
  • I grew up here in Washington, D.C., back during the quaint, old-fashioned "Rule of Law" period.
  • Laughter is a basic human need, along with love, and food, and an HBO subscription.
  • Everybody needs laughs, so the fact that I've had the opportunity to make people laugh for a living is one of the many blessings that I have received in my life.

Quotes about Louis-Dreyfus[edit]

  • I was not acting. I couldn't! I thought she was funny, charming, beautiful, intelligent every single second I ever spent with her, onstage and off. Bingo! No acting required.

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