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Julian Alistair Rhind-Tutt (born 20 July 1968) is a British actor, appearing in television, radio, film and on stage. He is best known for playing Dr. "Mac" Macartney in Green Wing.


  • I’d like to tell you that I come from a long line of German aristocracy and that I’m very rich, but actually it’s a very boring explanation. A man called Tommy Tutt married a lady called Jane Rhind, and suddenly I’ve got a very posh name. And then my parents called me Julian, and suddenly I sound like a prospective Tory MP for West London!
    • An interview on the Green Wing microsite, asking about where his name came from. [1]
  • Yes. I think it’s just because I forgot to cut it, and it’s a slightly different colour, so it’s an object of affection or ridicule, depending on whether you’re Steve Mangan or anybody else on the planet. I think your shaved version is very distinguished, incidentally. I wish I could carry it off. Unfortunately all you’d find under here is the FA Cup. My ears are shocking. They can get satellite TV.
    • An interview on the Green Wing microsite asking if he had a preoccupation with his hair.

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