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We are worse [off] than we were during the times of apartheid.

Julius Sello Malema (born 3 March 1981) is the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, a South African political party, which he founded in July 2013.


  • Malema: So these popcorn and mushrooming political parties in Zimbabwe, they will never find friendship in us. They can insult us here from air-conditioned offices of Sandton, we are unshaken. They must stop shouting at us, they must go and fight with their battle in Zimbabwe and win. Even if they've got ground and they are formed on the basis of solid ground in Zim, why are they speaking in Sandton and not Mashonaland or Matabeleland? ... Let them go back and go and fight there. Even when the ANC was underground in exile, we had our internal underground forces fighting for freedom.
    Fisher: You live in Sandton.
    Malema: And we have never spoken from ... exile. Let me tell you before you are tjatjarag [i.e. chatty]. This is a building of a revolutionary party, and you know nothing about the revolution.
    Fisher: So, so they are not welcome in Sandton but you are?
    Malema: So here you behave or else you jump. [Fisher and others laugh.] Don't laugh.
    Fisher: You're joking.
    Malema: Chief, can you get security to remove this thing here. If you are not going to behave ... call security to take you out. This is not a news room this. This is a revolutionary house. And you don't come here with that tendency. Don't come here with that white tendency, not here. ... If you've got a tendency of undermining blacks even while you work, you are in a wrong place ...
    Fisher: That's rubbish.
    Malema: ... and you can go out!
    Fisher: Absolutely rubbish.
    Malema: Rubbish is what you have covered in that trouser. ... You are a small boy, you can't do anything. ... Bastard! Go out! You bloody agent! ... So we think that we need to ensure that we encourage Zanu PF comrades to engage in peaceful means.
  • We are worse [off] than we were during the times of apartheid. We are being killed by our own people. We are being oppressed by our own government. … Every mine has a politician inside. They give them money every month, they call it shares. But it is a protection fee to protect whites against the workers.
  • Absolutely, what we need to do is that companies must just surrender 51%. ... They have exploited the wealth of that country [South Africa] for far too long. It is time that the people are now beginning to benefit. Our people don't have money to buy those shares, and they will never have money to buy those shares. ... Under president Mbeki they had 2/3 majority, they could have done anything they wanted. Till today they have not done anything. ... because the ANC did not want to tamper with the economic structure and ... property ownership ... We are going to engage in a very persuasive, peaceful engagement with capital. ... We are meeting captains of the industry. Some of them are beginning to respond to our memorandum. Some are saying, well these are doable proposals. ... We'll not use that [civil disobedience] until that our people are pushed to the limit. ... These people are prepared to give shares to the black elite who are politically connected. ... why not give it to the workers themselves who are ... making this company ... what it is.
  • There is nothing wrong with crushing white supremacy. It is wrong to think you’re superior to others on the basis of the colour of your skin ... and what perpetuates that is the economic exclusion of our people. ... If we can’t find the necessary skill‚ let’s go and fetch the old man. ‘Old man‚ you are coming to mentor this young one to produce the best product’ to build a better SA.
  • Zuma is standing between us and our enemy. Move out of the way. Zuma must pave the way because they [whites] are the one who stole our land. ... White people are going to return our land the same way Zuma will return our money. White people must never think we have abandoned the land question. We will never abandon it. We are the land, our identity is our land. We are nothing without our land. ... What we do with it is none of your business. Solomon Mahlangu died for this land.
  • Zuma ... stands in the way towards acquiring land for our people. That is why we will continue attacking him, ... We are at war with whites who took our land and we now want it back. We want our land and we want our wealth; if you stand in our way we will crush you, ...
  • The white man has been too comfortable for too long. [...] We, the rightful owners, our peace was disturbed by [the] white man's arrival here. They committed a blood genocide. They killed people during land dispossession. [...] They found peaceful Africans here. They killed them. They slaughtered them like animals. We are not calling for the slaughtering of white people, at least for now. What we are calling for is for peaceful occupation of the land. And we don't owe anyone apology about that. [...] But white minority be warned, we will take our land no matter what.
  • I am not for reconciliation, I am for justice. There is no reconciliation without justice and justice is the return of land. [...] AfriForum is a boeremag. It’s a group of Afrikaners who still wish for apartheid. They will never see it. Afrikaner boys, die poppe sal dans. The EFF is coming for you boys. Afrikaner boys, the ANC has made you to think this thing is still Orange Free State. This thing is not Orange Free State. This is Free State. When we take over power, Afrikaner males, you will know your place. Just pray, pray to [your] ancestors, pray to Malan, pray to Verwoerd, pray and ask them for EFF not to come into power. Because [if] we come into power, Afrikaner men, this side! This is where you belong, this is how you are going to behave. They must know, these Afrikaner males, they must know, we are not scared of them ideologically, politically and otherwise. We can take each other toe to toe.
  • The rejection of other Africans is a self-rejection, it is a self-hatred, it's because you don't know who you are. If you know who you are you will never reject people from DRC, you will never reject people from Nigeria, you will never reject people from Ghana, you will never reject people from Zimbabwe, because if you [ap]praise your history, your are actually Zimbabwean, if you [ap]praise your history, you are actually Nigerian. That is what makes us African. That is the beauty of Africa, we share history, we share culture, and all of that. Civilization started here.
  • I heard that these whites are coming to march again, they will announce a new date. I’m thinking national chair we must organise a counter-march and meet them half way. We cannot allow white people to do as they wish in this country, like they’re doing in Palestine. Let them announce the day they’re coming back. Let us meet them toe to toe, let us teach them who owns South Africa. We cannot be harassed in our own country during apartheid and be harassed in our own country during a democratic dispensation by a nonsense Afrikaner community. It must come to an end, let us meet them toe to toe.

Quotes about Julius Malema[edit]

  • Julius Malema is a devotee of the Goebbels/Stalin/Mao rulebook on propaganda which preaches if you tell a lie enough times, people will eventually believe it. Witness the EFF leader’s racist ranting about who should own South Africa’s land [...] stirring murderous thoughts in revolutionary breasts. But Malema’s self-righteous belief that he can force expropriation of legally owned land has been made once too often.

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