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JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Haunted Island is a computer game created by Knowledge Adventure.


Flap: Well, hello. What a nice specimen you'll make. [Chuckles] Oh, wait! I didn't recognize you. You're one of the kids, aren't you? Oh, I'm so glad you've come! Ms. Grunkle, the substitute teacher, really did a number this time! She cast a spell on all your classmates, turned them into monsters, and brought them to this creepy island. Boy, are you lucky you missed that day of class! Ms. Grunkle locked the kids in the attic of her house on the other side of the island. I managed to escape, but she's hot on my trail, so I have to keep a low profile. That's why you're here. The kids need your help! Ms. Grunkle has hidden all of the kids' most prized possessions all around the island, and we need them to break the spell that turned the kids into monsters. You're the only one who knows the kids well enough to find their objects and rescue them from this island, but you'll need a little help. Go see Madame Pomreeda in the cart back there. She knows all and tells all, and she can help you find the objects. I'd better go now, Ms. Grunkle could show up at any moment, but if you need me, just click on the bat down there, and I'll find you. I know this island like the back of my wing. Oh! There are a couple of other things you should know. You can tap into Madame Pomreeda's senses from anywhere on the island. Just click on the crystal ball. If you want to see how your classmates are doing, click on the yearbook. You can see which kids you freed from their spells. As you travel around the island and solve the riddles and challenges that Ms. Grunkle has set up, you'll earn keys that will let you enter Ms. Grunkle's house. The number of keys you have will be indicated on the key down there. Every five thousand points will earn you a new key. Ms. Grunkle has set up all kinds of obstacles to challenge her little monsters to finally get them to learn. If you ever need to make them easier or harder, hold down your control key and press the letter L. You can adjust any game to the level you wish. Finally, you'll need to move quickly. There is only one candle per visitor on this island. If your candle burns out, you'll be cast into the labyrinth, and who knows what'll happen there. Good luck!

Flap: Well, hello. What a nice specimen you'll make. [Chuckles] Oh, I didn't recognize you. You're one of the kids, aren't you? Ms. Grunkle, the evil substitute teacher, really did a number on your classmates! She turned them all into monsters. Aren't you lucky you missed that day of class! Ms. Grunkle has locked everyone in the attic of her house, and that's why you're here. Your friends need you to rescue them! All of their most prized possessions are hidden about the island, and you need to find them to break Ms. Grunkle's spells. Go see Madame Pomreeda in the cart back there. She knows all and tells all, and she can help you find their lost objects. Well, I'd better get flying, but if you need me, just click on the bat down there. I'll find you. I know this island like the back of my wing! Oh yes, there are a couple of other things you should know. You can always tap into Madame Pomreeda's senses by clicking on the crystal ball below. If you need to see how you and your classmates are doing, click on the yearbook. Move fast around the island, because if your candle goes out, whoosh! You will be cast into Ms. Grunkle's dark labyrinth. The map scroll down there will help you find your way around, for a slight fee. [Chuckles] It will transport you to where you want to go. As you travel around the island, solving the riddles and challenges, you'll earn keys that will let you enter Ms. Grunkle's house. The number of keys you have will be indicated down there. For every five thousand points, you'll get a new key. You'll need twenty-five keys to enter Ms. Grunkle's house. Ms. Grunkle has set up all kinds of challenges for you to conquer. If you ever need to make your lessons easier or harder, just click on her hat down there. You can adjust any game to the level you wish. Good luck, and happy haunting…ah, ehehe…I mean, hunting.

Madame Pomreeda: Oh, I'm so glad you've come. I've been expecting you. The children certainly need your help. Can you believe that dreadful Ms. Grunkle had turned those sweet, innocent children into monsters by depriving them of their favorite possessions? Didn't need a crystal ball to see that one was trouble. Fortunately, I've found some magic cards that will help us bring them back. Each card describes a mission. Ms. Grunkle has hidden four of the children's most prized possessions all around the island. When you complete a mission, the card will display one of these objects. Return here to get another card and begin a new mission. When the child's possessions are completely restored, she will be a monster no more. Let Us Begin. Hocus pocus, ivy crocus, bring the next kid into focus. Oh, dear. A tragic case! Wolfgang loved his music so. Now that Ms. Grunkle has deprived him of it, he's become quite a hairy werewolf. You must restore him. Let's see the cards.

Repsac: Boo! (Laughing) Boo! I am the keeper of the island, Ms. Grunkle's loyal servant. You must solve my riddle, or risk your health. Which of the following is a Sentence? You're Right. But i'll Stump you next time.

Flap: Oh, My! You found the Haunted Clock Tower. Legend has it, a family of hunchbacks lives here guarding the tower from the Truros. At night, you could hear mysterious music echoing throughout the Island. Music calms the horrible beast they say, Hope they're right.
Semimoto: Sanctuary, Sanctuary! Did I scare you? Nah. My dad would've scared you. Yeah. (Laughing) He said he let's you play the tower chimes, if I finish the music lesson. Can you help me?
Flap: In this game, you could help Semimoto here play the right notes on his keyboard. But pay attention, 3 Wrong notes, and you'll have to start again.

Madame Pomreeda: A violin, a harp. A flute, a metronome. Hmm. A virtual symphony of clues. No doubt this werewolf is really a musician. Well, I'm sure my spell book contains just the right notes to create some beautiful harmony. Begone, you Werewolf, you are way off key, Your loud howls and growls are no melody. Your evil ways prove you don't know the score, Be still, be silent, perform nevermore. Swirl, musical notes, pound, echoing drums. The magic music plays, the real truth comes. Werewolf, it's done. It's the end of your songs! Wolfgang returns to the form he belongs!

Madame Pomreeda: Paint box, a palette, frame, easel... I can draw but one conclusion: Hidden in the scary head of Medusa, I can see the picture of a true artist. Well, when it comes to undoing spells, I'm an artist, too. Colors bright and colors glistening, Colors everywhere, be listening. Come repaint this ugly creature, Change the shape of every feature. Restore the talent she once had, In with the good and out with the bad. Medusa's reign will henceforth cease. I bring you Violet, my masterpiece!
Ms. Grunkle: No one goes up against Ms. Grunkle and suceeds. I will get you. You just wait and see.

Madame Pomreeda: A compass, a calculator, an abacus, and a pair of glasses. Hmm... I compute that this gooey brain creature is really a math genius. Well, I'm sure my spell book has his number. Let me see...hmm...ah, yes. The perfect formula! First, begin with a zero and add a few, Divide by three and multiply by two. Then line up the numerals row by row, A touch of witch-dust makes the total grow. Subtract, divide, and stir in a fraction. The power of math begins the action. The sum of all equals magic so true, Here is the answer: the Albert we knew.

Mrs. Grunkle: So, at last we meet in my domain. Rather brave, aren't you? I must admit, I never thought you'd get this far. But no matter. It's just a shame you missed that fateful day when all of your classmates turned to monsters. Now it's your turn, but not until I have some fun with you first. Out, I say, out!

Madame Pomreeda: A monarch's crown. A priceless necklace. A lush bouquet. And a royal scepter. Ooh. From the look of these, this ugly warthog was once a beauty queen. Ah. Well, this is going to take more than a little lipstick and eye shadow. Vanish, foul beast! Do not ever come back! Beauty's strong forces now stop your attack. The warts of the toad and hog feet are lies, The truth of her nature now fills our eyes. Pure beauty shines forth, within and without, There's no room for sadness, no room for doubt. The reign of the beast has come to an end. Come forth, Tiffany, our beautiful friend!

Graveyard Ghost: Looks like I'm out of time and out of life. See you next time, kids!

Madame Pomreeda: Come to Pomreeda's to accept your challenge.

Repsac: Boo! You again? I love a good challenge. Folded Mountains can form when.
(answering a question incorrectly)
Repsac: (Laughing) Too Bad. That will cost you your health! (Laughing)

Madame Pomreeda: A flower that squirts. A nose that's fake. Clown shoes, clown hat. Now we're ready to send the killer clown from outer space back to a circus cage on his own funny planet. Yes, of course. This spell will bring a smile to my face. Space clown, O space clown, your act is too flat. Your shoes are too floppy and so is your hat. Your makeup's too gloomy, your nose is too red. The jokes that you utter are best left unsaid. I call forth true laughter and fun that is real, And puns that are funny, not ones that you steal. So turn in your costume and just disappear. Good old Calvin is back, and we can all cheer.

Mrs. Grunkle: Ha! You thought you could sneak past me? The all-seeing, all-knowing, all powerful Mrs. Grunkle? No such luck!

Madame Pomreeda: Football... weight... baseball hat... soccer ball. Now I do believe I know the score. The gorilla beast is really our star athlete. I think I have just the spell to end the monster's little game. You're out, gorilla monster! Go to the bench! Get off the field with your terrible stench. Go straight to the permanent penalty box! Turn in your ball, then turn in your socks. Your unsportsmanlike conduct is just not allowed! The boos that you hear are from our whole crowd. You have lost your mean race, and now you must go! Three cheers for our school's favorite jock, Joe!

Graveyard Ghost: Bet you didn't expect to see me again. Well the Reaper has been very busy lately. Collecting souls in all. But you saved me again. You sure know your words, Kid.

Madame Pomreeda: A pen, a phone, a briefcase, a bank... Mmm... I must offer my expert opinion. The girl behind this vampire was truly born to lead. My vote says this spell will be a landslide winner. Miss Vampire, your reign has come to an end, Your nasty bite will no longer offend. Resign, you're impeached! Retire now, today! Turn in your teeth and go far, far away. Your term of terror we no longer fear, Let darkness fade so the good will appear. You bad lady bat! You've lost the debate! Prez Laura is back! Let us celebrate!

Mrs. Grunkle: You're getting a bit too close for comfort! I'll see to it that you never reach your classmates! Be gone with you!

Madame Pomreeda: Messy homework sheet. Oh, a slingshot. Ooh, bad report card! Dunce cap. Oh, my. It seems that in the past, this Frankenstein was a little slow in his studies. Good thing I've done my homework. Go, patchwork monster! Your kind we don't need. You failed and you flunked! You didn't succeed! The power of learning, I call forth now, Your destructive days are over, I vow. Study this, Frank: your time has run out! I hate your stomping and thumping about. Be monster no more. It's time to be manly. Goodbye to you, and welcome to Stanley!

Madame Pomreeda: Mmm... A microscope, telescope, too. A test tube for experiments and a toad. Oh. After studying these specimens, I conclude that Ms. Hyde is actually a scientist. Well, no problem. I'm sure that I've experimented with such a spell before. The results are in, the study is done. Your scary ways are no longer much fun. Your split persona has got to go now, Such monstrous behavior I don't allow. A gram of genius, and then I add, A quart of good sense to dilute the bad. My formula works. Miss Hyde is banished. Zev Cosmo is back from whence she vanished.

Madame Pomreeda: Band-aids. Ooh, lunch box. Teddy bear. Jacks. Ah, I can tell this vicious doll was once a shy young girl. Ah-ha! Here's the perfect spell to send Raggedy Ann back to her haunted doll house...and then lock the door. Raggedy monster, you should now feel shame! For sad tears and nightmares you are to blame! Your stringy hair and ferocious frown Are the wrong kind of toy to have around! You've done your evil, you've had your chance. Now is the time to undo your foul trance. Leave! You are exiled, you dastardly doll! I summon Jane Playne... the shyest of all.

Mrs. Grunkle: I hate to be a spoil-sport. But I don't remember putting you on the guest list. And just to give you an idea of how I treat gate crashers... (cackles)

Madame Pomreeda: Silver tray... lint brush... apple... hat... Well, after considering these items, I surmise that this must really be a person of taste and refinement, with a goal of serving well. Hmm. Now here's a spell that would be exactly right and proper. Penguin with giant jaws and teeth so sharp, You think you are cool, but you smell like a carp. You bummer monster, you really must go. Grab your mean board and catch an undertow! I call on Neptune, master of the sea! The waves will now fail you, I do decree. You are a washout penguin, float far away! Now the tide has turned. James is here to stay.

Madame Pomreeda: Wrench, can of oil, spark plugs, spare tire... Only an aspiring auto mechanic would need such equipment. Well, a mechanic is not the only person who can fix things. I'm sure this spell will repair all the damage that's been done. I call forth the magic of knowing how. The secret of fixing is mine right now. Repair, replace, renew, and restore, Reconstruct, rebuild, and then do it once more. What's broke can be fixed if you know how it's done, And fixing what's broke is wonderful fun. Her monster form I put back on the shelf, And I recycle Debbie back to herself.

Flap: Quick, let's get out of here! Before you face Ms. Grunkle, you have to break all the spells she put on the children, and she's just behind that next door! Madame Pomreeda can help. Go to her cart on the other side of the island, and hurry!

Flap: Some of the children are still monsters. You'll need to save them first, before facing Ms. Grunkle. Go see Madame Pomreeda. She can help you out.

Flap: Before you face Ms. Grunkle, you'll have to break all her spells. Madame Pomreeda can help you out. Stop by her cart on the other side of the island.

Flap: Shhh! Be very quiet, we don't want to disturb Ms. Grunkle, especially when some of the kids are still monsters. You'll have to go to Madame Pomreeda's, and transform all the kids before you can enter this room.

Madame Pomreeda: Uh, stethoscope... head mirror... aspirin... ooh, thermometer. Mmm... My diagnosis is that the patient wants to be a doctor. Well, I can prescribe a spell that will leave her healthy in no time! I call forth the magic power of pills. Take two at each meal for all of your ills. Say "Ahh" and say "Ouch" when you take your shot, Say "It doesn't hurt" when it hurts a lot. Take your vitamins each and every day, Wash your hands to keep the bad germs away. My spell made her well, and I take my bow, Good old Penny Scilin will see you now!

[After finishing all of the quests to turn the kids back to normal and the player doesn't have 25 keys]
Madame Pomreeda: Sorry, you still don't have enough keys. Before you can challenge Mrs. Grunkle, you need to score more points. Then you'll earn the keys you need to open all the doors in her house.

Madame Pomreeda: It's time for you to take on Ms. Grunkle and rescue the Children. Now head to her house. It's on the other side of the island.

Ms. Grunkle: Hahaha, the perfect plan! I knew you'd make it. Now that I have you all together, I can be sure I'll never be foiled. Monsters you will all become forever!
[The player holds up Ms. Grunkle's magic wand.]
Ms. Grunkle: My magic wand! My most sacred power! How on earth? Of course. Madame Pomreeda! Well, you may have outwitted me this time, but Grunkle's power is immortal! Here broom, I command you to fly!
[Ms. Grunkle mounts her broom.]
Ms. Grunkle: Don't get too comfortable! You haven't see the last of me yet! I'll be back!
[Ms. Grunkle flies out the attic window.]
First Kid: [Gasps] She's gone!
Second Kid: We're free!
Third Kid: Wait! What's that on the floor?
[A picture on the floor shows the haunted schoolhouse reverting back to its original form.]

Flap: You again? I didn't think you'd be back. Nothing personal, it's just that, well, you know, it's been quite an adventure. You've made it to Ms. Grunkle's house, and rescued all your classmates. Now you can sign in as a new player and visit all your favorite haunts. Just keep a sharp eye out for Ms. Grunkle, you never know when she's going to drop in.

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