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Jun Hong Lu (卢台长; Lú tái zhǎng; born 04 August 1959) is a Buddhist Master and Spiritual Leader. Master Lu is the Chairman of Australia Oriental Media Buddhist Charity Association and the founder of Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door, which belongs to the Mahayana Buddhism; Awarded World Peace Award (Buddhism) in July 2012.


  • Blessings come from a generous heart. Those who give are the most blessed.
  • We are always our own greatest limitation, obstruction and hindrance.
  • Be thoughtful of others all your life and you will be very happy.
  • If we wish to have blessings, we must fulfil our filial duties. Those who fulfil their filial duties will surely have blessings in the living world.
  • What we have today is most precious. The past is already gone and the future is yet to come. Therefore, we must seize the present moment, leave the past behind, and look forward to the future. Only then will our hearts be like the ocean – vast and boundless.
  • When we succeed, we must not forget our past. When we fail, we must remember there is still tomorrow. When the path leads to nowhere, we can always take another path. We can make a diversion.
  • Being able to love others is a form of blessing. Being able to understand others is a form of wisdom.
  • The whole world will smile at you when your heart is peaceful and your mind is clean. When you can smile at yourself, not a single trouble in the world will affect you. When you are sincere to yourself, no one in the world can deceive you.
  • Happiness is not defined by our wealth or our status, but by how we choose to live our lives. Only when we are not entangled in the pursuit of fame and wealth will we truly be liberated. A liberated life is a life truly worth living.

Quotes from Words of Wisdoms Vol.2[edit]

Words of Wisdom from Buddhist Master Jun Hong Lu Vol.2 (2018) ISBN 978-1-925798-34-0 Full text online
  • 要學會理解別人。 每一個人都不會想到去瞭解別人, 都想讓別人瞭解自己, 這就是一切以“我”為出發點。 活在世界上, 少想自己,多想別人,多瞭解別人。
    • Learn to understand others. Most people do not want to understand others, instead wanting others to understand them. This is egotism. We should try to think less of ourselves and more of others. Try to understand others better.
  • 有一顆感恩的心, 會永遠得到別人的尊敬和愛戴。
    • A person with gratitude will always be respected and loved.
  • 人的一生,多做一些讓人感動的事, 要以身作則,自己才會堅強。
    • We should do good deeds that touch people’s hearts throughout our lives. Only by setting a good example for others will we become strong.
  • 人生的高高低低都是正常的, 越是好的時候,越要低頭, 好的時候要謙卑; 把苦留給自己,把快樂留給別人。
    • Ups and downs are inevitable in life. The more favourable the situation, the humbler we need to be. Keep bitterness to ourselves and leave happiness to others.
  • 別人的缺點,如果你記住, 就猶如人家給你一碗爛菜, 你放在心中,心能不臭嗎?
    • Keeping other people’s flaws in mind is like keeping a bowl of foul-smelling food they have given you; it contaminates your heart, leaving no room for positive thoughts.

Quotes from Word of Wisdoms Vol.3[edit]

Words of Wisdom from Buddhist Master Jun Hong Lu Vol.3 (2018) ISBN 978-0-6482300-2-1 Full text online
  • 常常後悔的人,是一個看不到將來的人。 後悔只會給自己帶來傷害, 只會給自己增加更多煩惱。
    • One who wallows in regret cannot see into their future. Wallowing in regret brings nothing but harm; by doing so, they only bring afflictions upon themselves.
  • 放下執著,才能破除我執。 我們做人不能有煩惱, 有煩惱的人一定是把自己 看得太大、太高了。
    • Only when we let go of attachment can we let go of the self. Free ourselves from worries. If we are constantly troubled by worries, it must be that we think too highly of ourselves.
  • 什麼是慈悲? 凡是能夠站在別人角度為別人想的人 就是慈悲。
    • What is compassion? Compassionate are those who can put themselves in other people’s shoes.
  • 珍惜現在所擁有的,不要把欲望看得太重, 能夠擁有今天的人才能擁有明天。
    • Cherish what you have now and tame your sensual desires. Tomorrow belongs to those who cherish today.
  • 人最大的缺點就是生氣, 不要自己找氣生,不生哪來的氣? 越生,氣越多。不生氣 是保持身體健康和心靈健康的金鑰匙。
    • Anger is humankind’s biggest weakness. Do not find excuses to get angry. Anger only begets more anger. Taming our anger is the golden key to our physical and mental well-being.

Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door[edit]

  • Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door wants all of us to enjoy family harmony and a happy life. We have the interests of all sentient beings at heart, we work for social peace and stability, we want the country to be strong and prosperous and the people to be healthy. Whatever humans do, the Heaven is watching. Though the heart cannot be seen, it can be kind, pure, compassionate and loving. The beauty and health of our heart can be a guide in our everyday lives, work and learning, allowing us to use the compassionate heart of Guan Yin Bodhisattva to love every single being, to live our days well, to look at the bright side of things with no worries and illnesses, to be able to resolve karmic conflicts, to be liberated from suffering, to eliminate karmic obstacles, to embark on the path to the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss and ascend to the Four Sagely Realms - this is Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door.
  • The Dharma is indeed a philosophy, science of the inner mind, essence of mandkind as well as the best remedy for the promotion of world peace. To practise Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door, one must act compassionately for the benefit of sentient beings, and endeavour to realise spiritual purification. We must love our family and our country, regard the percepts as the Master, practise cultivation both externally and internally in order to become a Buddha in the human realm. The fine Chinese culture and the essence of Buddhism are a good foundation of human morality. When we uphold traditional moral values, and practise compassion of the Bodhisattva, we will be smooth in life and in learning. It is hoped that all of you will be earnest in your practice of Buddhism. Perfection of humanity leads to the attainment of Buddhahood.
  • We want the world to be filled with compassion; we want love to spread to all over the globe; we want countries to be well; we want the people to be well; we want every family to be well - this is Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door. Let every one of us be well; let every family be well; let our society be well; let our country be well - this is Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door.
  • Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door belongs to Guan Yin Bodhisattva. We follow and take refuge in the three Sages of the West. Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door is the solution to resolving the problems of the human realm. Our practice is based on Zen Buddhism and wisdom in life. Our practice is aimed at transcending the mundane world and it is based on the Pure Land school of Buddhism. Hence, Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door is an integration of the essence of various schools of Buddhism. Thus, the objective of our practice is the Four Sublime States of Loving-kindness, Compassion, Appreciative joy and Equanimity.
  • I am going to help everyone I can to understand the Buddha’s teachings, I am going to help everyone I can to recite the Great Compassion Mantra and the Heart Sutra, I am going to let everyone know how great the Buddha’s teachings are. I am going to make world peace a reality.
  • The Chan School of Buddhism promotes a life of wisdom, advocating the use of wisdom to solve troubles and problems in the human realm. We aim to practise the transcendental way of cultivation which is of a higher level state of consciousness. As an example, Buddhist monastics and those who practise well have seen the true nature of the mortal world. They are completely selfless and they practise cultivation in the human realm with an ultimate goal of transcending the six realms of existence. The practice to transcend the six realms of existence is based on the transcendental way of cultivation. The Pure Land school of Buddhism is one of the many marvellous methods of cultivation. When a person's life is coming to an end, he recites the holy name of of the Amitabha Buddha and prays to the Amitabha Buddha wholeheartedly. He needs to learn the Pure Land school of Buddhism. He has to let go of the many afflictions and fetters of the human world in order to ascend to to Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss or to the Guan Yin Citta Pure Land. When we follow their method by reciting the the holy name of Guan Yin Bodhisattva continuously, the Bodhisattva will come to receive us . During the dying moment, there are some who are unable to recite the Great Compassion Mantra in time, unable to memorize the words, while others may not even manage to recite the Heart Sutra in time. In that case, they can continuously recite " Namo the Greatly Compassionate and Greatly Merciful Guan Yin Bodhisattva" until the Bodhisattva comes to save them.

Special Interview by People' Daily, Europe Edition[edit]

  • Zen is a form of liberation - being liberated from Yin and Yang elements, and enabling you to remain calm and cool when you are troubled. Zen is not something definite and tangible, it is a refuge for mental solace. Zen is about concentration of mind. It is a profound culture, enabling people to gain spiritual tranqulity and be awakened. Even though not a word is spoken, it enables one to gain a thorough understanding of the truth of life. This is what we call the harmony between Yin and Yang. It is like a substance deep in your soul, generating a kind of wisdom and energy in your mind. It is also a kind of energy of self-confidence, helping you to achieve self-emancipation, self-regulation and self-perfection, leading you to the path of success. As such, Buddhism talks about ‘Faith, Commitment, and Action’. The theory, when applied in the human realm, is all about Zen. Concentration gives rise to wisdom. With concentration, the mind will be focused and it will not be drifting apart. Hence, the problem of schizophrenia will not arise. Zen culture is about the state of mind. It is a kind of positive energy! Positive energy is a kind of compassion, which enables people to understand each other when they encounter problems, to understand the country and society at large, and to understand their family and children, colleagues and friends. In this way, people will be able to live in peaceful co-existence and remain calm when they are faced with problems.When you see things in perspective using rationality and positive energy, you are able to change your viewpoint pertaining to a certain issue. This is the moment Zen arises in your mind! In fact, Zen is within you. This theory is very profound.
    • (10 October 2013)

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