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God’s purpose of creating human beings is so that we can live loving God as our bridegroom, our lover.

Joshua Jung Myung Seok (South Korea: 정명석 born 1945-03-16) is the founder of the Christian Gospel Mission, also known as Providence.


  • You should not throw something away just looking at its flaws. If you make up for those flaws, it will shine. The same is true for people.

  • If you consume all your strength of time in worthless matters. And therefore, due to a lack of time and strength cannot work on what’s eternal, how regrettable that would be! You will regret forever.

  • Even if it is difficult, it is ‘to develop, fix, and make yourself.’ Then you will control yourself well, live your life easily, and prosper.

  • Even if a person lived enjoying many things in the world, if their spirit fails to be saved, they will come to an end in the ‘world of the body.’

  • “Checking” is a scale. When you weigh things on the scale called “Checking,” you will gain knowledge of most things you did not know before.

  • Learn every day. Human beings must learn and know. It is only by learning and knowing, that they can raise their ‘level’. People are affected by what their eyes see, what their ears hear and by how they learn.

  • “After having met God, my life that was so worthless before has been transformed, and the land of my hometown that used to be so worthless has now been transformed into the priceless Natural Temple, Wolmyeongdong. In the same way, I wish that everyone will transform and succeed!”

  • 마음과 뜻과 복숨을 다하는 정신으로 진리를 실천하면 누구든지 성곻할 수 있습니다. 이 정신은 오직 하나님을 믿고 의지함으로 완성됩니다.
    • Translation: Whoever takes the truth and puts it into action with all his heart, will and life can succeed. This mindset will be completed when trusting only in God and leaning on Him.
    • Extracted from the Wolmyeongdong Website

  • 사랑과 믿음은 말로 하는 것이 아닙니다. 말씀대로 사는 것이 신앙입니다. 성경은 경전이 아니라 오늘 나에게도 이루어지는 기적의 메시지이며 삶의 지침서입니다. 주님의 말씀은 오늘도 세계에 전파되고 있으며 저는 오늘도 내일도 끝없이 주님의 사역을 감당할 것입니다.
    • Translation: Love and faith do not happen just with words alone. Living according to the Word is faith. The Bible is not just made up of holy words, but it is a message of miracles in which are fulfilled for me even today, and it is the guide for our lives. The Lord's Word is being delivered even today, and I will continue to carry out the work of the Lord everyday.
    • Extracted from the Wolmyeongdong Website

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