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Jungle 2 Jungle is a 1997 Disney comedy film starring Tim Allen, Martin Short and Sam Huntington. It is based on the French film Un indien dans la ville (An Indian in the City)

Directed by John Pasquin. Written by Bruce A. Evans and Raynold Gideon.

Michael Cromwell[edit]

  • [to Richard; quietly] You're walking around New York City... [loudly] WITH $1,000,000 IN A SUITCASE?!?!
  • (Because Patricia didn't show up) Okay, if that's the way she wants to play it, she's not gonna get a dime.
  • [upon seeing Lipo Lipo; about Patrcia] Oh, my God. She left me for Gilligan's Island!

Richard Kempster[edit]

  • JAN!!!!!!
  • I'm a parent! Therefore, I'm an idiot!
  • (About Jovanovich) Now, this guy has a lot of money. He's the king of caviar, and he's gonna save our asses!

Mimi Siku[edit]

  • (Referring to New York) This your village, Baboon? (Michael: Yep, this is my village) It's big.
  • Stop shouting, Baboon! Maitika kill chief!
  • [seeing Karen for the first time] Angel on table.


[while canoeing on the river]
Mimi: [pointing to toucan in flight] Hoko!
Michael: Hoko; bird. Bird who can't sing: Hoko Ono.

Michael: That's my son?
Patricia: [nods her head] His name's Mimi-Siku.
Michael: His name is what?
Patricia: Mimi-Siku.
Michael: Mimi Siku?
Patricia: Roughly translated, it means "cat piss".
Michael: He picked the name "cat piss"?
Patricia: He was six years old at the time. It's a territorial thing.
Michael: You sure he's mine?
Patricia: Positive. He's got your nose, and he thinks he's never wrong.

Mimi: [initiates Karen into his tribe] You Pinari now. Choose a name.
Karen: Choose for me.
Mimi: [thinks for a moment] Ukumay.
Karen: What?
Mimi: U-Ku-May.
Karen: What does it mean?
Mimi: It means "Sound of rain on river water."
Karen: "Ukumay." It's pretty. [kisses Mimi, and they kiss passionately]

Richard: [walking upstairs] Ring twice, knock once, ring three times. Okay.
Michael: [sees video camera next to big wooden door] Oh, boy.
Richard: So it is...
Michael: What, what?
Richard: Ring twice.
Michael: Ring twice. [Michael rings doorbell] Got it, got it.
Richard: Knock once. [knocks] And then you ring three times.
Michael: You sure it's three?
Richard: Yes, it's definitely three times. [Michael rings doorbell]
Michael: Okay. [clears throat; nothing happens]
Richard: Okay, so that's wrong. So we do, ring three times... [rings three times]
Michael: I'm not sure--
Richard: Knock once, and ring twice.
Michael: No, it--
Richard: Yeah.
Michael: [sighs] We're gonna get shot.
Richard: Uh-uh, it's gonna be fine. It's gonna be good. [nothing happens]
Michael: That-that really worked great. I-I remember it differently now. I got what it is.
Richard: All right, Mr. Wizard, take over.
Michael: Ring twice.
Richard: Take over.
Michael: You knock once.
Richard: And ring--
Michael: [stops Richard] No-no-no, you do not, whatever you do, ring four times. [Holds up hand and indicates fingers to remind Richard of the man losing his fingers]
Jovanovic: [from inside] Open damn door! Chort Vozmi!


Actor Role
Tim Allen Michael Cromwell
Martin Short Richard Kempster
JoBeth Williams Dr. Patricia Cromwell
Lolita Davidovich Charlotte
Sam Huntington Mimi-Siku
David Ogden Stiers Alexei Jovanovic
Bob Dishy George Langston
Valerie Mahaffey Jan Kempster
Leelee Sobieski Karen Kempster
Frankie J. Galasso Andrew Kempster
Luis Avalos Abe
Carole Shelley Fiona
Dominic Keating Ian
Rondi Reed Sarah
Oni Faida Lampley Madeleine

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